Friday, November 16, 2007

Ok, I thought the needle holder family was complete

Well, I guess I was wrong. Phil the tinman has come up with yet another size. We couldn't decide what length of the 'fat' holder to make, 7 or 9 inch. so he is now making both. Now you can make those chunky mittens, hats and socks and not loose your stitches. All you 'scared of those tiny sock needle' people can have a holder too!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Just a few new items

New stuff in the shop? oh Yeah, We got some lovely J-Knits sock and dk weight in today. Gorgeous colors named after cities, and you can almost guess without looking at the tag, which city it's supposed to remind you of. I have so much yarn and so little time. I've been trying to finish the purple Tahki tweed jacket for a couple of weeks now. You know how you just get to the end and you have to stop and do some other project just to keep your sanity? Well, I'm there. I made an ear flap hat out of Baby alpaca grande, so so soft and comfy. Last night I made a quick hat out of Taos by crystal palace. Super nice and the colors just flow into one another. Just one ball for each hat. If you need a quick Christmas gift, hats are the way to go. One nighters! One skeiners! and they don't break the bank! The best part is you won't get the dreaded 2nd sock, mitten, glove or whatever you have to make 2 of phenomenon. Yippee!!

New in the tin needle holder family will be an addition to the 'fat' size. There will be a 7 inch and an 8 inch. for all you hat and mitten knittters to fit all those larger needles 4-9 u.s.

Hope everyone is knitting lots now that the cooler weather has arrived!

Curl up with a new knitting book on tape and knit away..books on tape arriving soon, I hope.