Saturday, December 11, 2010

End of the Year Sale!

We have many items discounted up to 50%. All regular priced yarn and merchandise is 15% off.
We are closing out Mission Falls and it's now 30% off both the cotton and the wool.
Also being closed out is Riverstone by Louet. Really nice workhorse wool, felts nicely, just too much duplication of other yarns we have. Now priced at 30% off.
All Cotton is 30% off
Frog Tree Alpaca 50% off. limited stock
Rustic Tweed dk 25% off
Llama Silk 30% off
Inca Gold merino/silk 30% off
Arucania kettle dyed wool 50% off
All Sock yarn 25% off
Caesar cashmere blend boucle now 30% off
King George cashmere blend 30% off
All Mohair 25% off
Thick and Quick merino thick and thin 25% off
Lei chunky wool now 25% off
Plymouth Select merino superwash 25% off
Elsbeth Lavold Silky wool 25% off

Everything else 15% off regular price.

The Ellyn Cooper Trunk show was a success and if you hurry it will still be here today!
Don't forget Gift Cards are available for holiday giving.

By the way...Looking for 'flounce' or other ruffling yarn? We have been going crazy with our new yarns Triana and Rizos! It's fun to knit and has become very popular. Flounce itself is not available until at least February.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010 have been a little delinquent in blogging

Here's the thing. We have been very busy stocking new yarn and making Christmas gifts. The table seems to be full with knitters most every day. We are having a ball. You should join us. Lot's of ideas float around the table and the friendships are growing stronger. I was away for a week in October and Brenda and the girls held the fort very well. My email is not working so if I don't answer you..that's why, call me instead.
We have new Sunday hours. We toyed with the idea of closing but there are some that would rebel. (we don't want that). Now we OPEN AT 12 NOON.
New yarns have arrived. Gorgeous KIDLIN from Louet, with a fabulous sweater we will be doing as a class. Easy sweater with a lace border, come see and sign up for the class. It will be probably an after Christmas project. Watch for the dates.

Friday, September 17, 2010


Good morning, my fiber friends! I hope all is well on this fairly rainy, dreary day! I want to complain about it, but we definitely need the rain! So we are going to grin and bear it here at Woolworks, which is oh so easy when we have Don's splendorous Gaia shawl on display!

He used Noro Sock yarn. Everytime the color changed, he changed the pattern! yummy!
It's so yummy in fact, we have decided to replace the spa set class with a Gaia Shawl class! The people at Woolworks spoke, and we listened! Sign up now because the the spots are going quickly!


Our very good friend and truly valued custumer, Dr. Sheri Kroll is counting on all of us to make this winter and holiday season a warm one for kids. Her organization, Knitting For A Cause is dedicated to collecting hats, gloves, mittens, scarves, headbands, and socks to place under the Christmas Giving Tree in the Pediatric Center at Day Kimball Hospital.

Christmas is not that far away, so please start knitting and crocheting for this fantastic cause! Bring them to Woolworks and Dr. Kroll will come pick them up.
Here are a couple ideas for cute baby hats...

Thank you in advance for your contribution!

The new Spinoff is here! Come and flip through this great magazine!

Ok, my friends! My day has officially begun! I'm going to grab a cup of coffee and try out the Channel Island Cast On that I just read about. It looks interesting! Happy Day, my friends, HAPPY DAY!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


It's always exciting to us when a customer comes in with the desire to learn how to knit or crochet. Today, three very ambitious girls came in with that exact agenda. They wanted to knit! In a matter of minutes, they were all sitting at the table with Tasha, and before they knew it, they were knitting away!

Makenna carefully wraps her yarn around a stitch. This is a lot of dedication from a seven year old!

Her big sister, 12 year old Hayley is well on her way to mastering her new hobby!
Jennifer intently looks at the beginnings of her new scarf.

They spent a few hours with us laughing and knitting. Tasha sent each of them home with an assignment to complete over the next week. Finally, homework they WANT to actually do! We are proud of your accomplishments, girls! Keep up the good work!

Our store is now fully stocked with Kertzer's Northern Worsted Yarn, a very nice and very affordable yarn which is perfect for our new knitters and anyone else who loves to knit for babies and children.

Knit with this and your masterpieces can be thrown in the washer and dryer without any worries! Come in and check out the wonderful colors that are available to you!
Speaking of colors, you must come in and feast your eyes on the Nashua Handknits Sitar! This yarn is saturated with rich, bold colors!
Another new addition is the Spice Berry! It is as yummy as it sounds!

Last night was the first night for our Bella's Mittens! The Twilight Saga inspired mittens were such a hit, we might have to offer another class! It was a full house! I started another pair while I taught some very enthusiastic knitters. This time I am using Ironstone for a slightly larger mitten.
And last but not least, Tasha wanted to post a better picture of the shawl I wove now that it's blocked and displayed in the shop. It really is quite lovely and I can't wait to make another one.

Here's to new adventures and new projects! Have a fantastic day!

Monday, September 13, 2010


Are you ready to knit, but you're not ready to commit to a large, elaborate project? Well take a peek at some of the cute, quick- to- make knitting treasures!

I whipped up this great Fair Isle baby hat in just one night! If you use the two handed Fair Isle method, this works up in a flash!
What do you think about this festive baby elf hat? It's fab, isn't it? By taking a Jester's Hat Pattern, changing a few minor details, and adding a jingle bell to the tippity top, your precious baby will be more than ready for the holiday season!
People tend to groan when they think of making a scarf. Well, this Ruffly Potato Chip Scarf is anything but boring and it is so incredibly easy!! Why not pick out your favorite yarn and make a couple! They make great gifts!

Come on down to the shop and rifle through our huge library of patterns.

I finished my first shawl using the triangle loom that Shelby was nice enough to let me set up at the shop! It is the warmest, coziest thing ever and the drape is absolutely beautiful!
What will go on the loom next, I wonder?? Hmmmm...

I'm off to sip a cup of tea, knit a few stitches and daydream about oodles and oodles of yarn! Have a great day!

Sunday, September 12, 2010


It's here! You can feel it! The telltale chill of fall is in the air, and it has definitely put us all in the mood to dive into our yarn stashes and knit and crochet the days away!

Here at Woolworks, we are still spinning to our hearts content and its now almost impossible to know what to knit with....the glorious yarns we have stocking our many shelves, or the beautiful yarn that we have made with our own hands, using the local roving!

Here I am hiding my face behind the mittens I knit using my own hand spun yarn.

And here are "Bella's Mittens" which I knit using Silky Flamme.
They are fantabulously warm and luscious! It's why I had to teach a class!

The Brooklyn Fair was in full swing a couple of weeks ago and Tasha was asked to participate in the Sheep To Scarf Competition! Although we all consider ourselves to be novices, she met the challenge head on and had a blast!

The two teams that spun that day.

They all did great!

A nice picture of Tasha spinning on her beloved Ashford wheel!
In the last hour she picked up her knitting needles and helped out her teammates by knitting a second piece.
And her team took FIRST PLACE!! YAY!

While the spinning was taking place, Myra was warping her floor loom.
Erin is triumphantly showing off her very first woven scarf! She wove it while the rest of the ladies competed. And because of everything she learned at the fair, Tasha is one week away from getting her very own floor loom and I am almost done with a triangle shawl that I am making on the loom our friend Shelby let me borrow! The madness never ends!

Back at the shop, one of our newest knitters nimbly wove in her ends so that she could pose in her newest creation!
The first thing she knit was a hat....the second thing she knit was a lace hat.....the third thing she knit was this cardigan! She is amazing!
The image of a very happy thirteen year old! We're proud of you Tessy!

We love inspiring people, we love teaching people, and we love seeing what you all do! The looks of accomplishment and pride makes our day here at the shop! Not only do we love to see what you've made, we love to see your happy faces even more!
If you don't believe us, take a look at this face! Doesn't it make you happy??!! Isadora shyly shows off the little beret that she snagged from one of our displays. Of course I let her keep it! She is adorable and undoubtedly one of Woolwork's future knitters! We can't wait!

Happy Knitting, Crocheting, Spinning, Weaving......okay, the list just keeps getting longer and longer! Just be happy, my friends! BE HAPPY!

Friday, August 13, 2010


Did you guys check out our class list? If you haven't, make sure you do! It's in our sidebar, and we think we have a great variety of classes! Up next on our Twelve Gifts of Christmas is the Cabled Cowl.

This is the perfect winter accessory....and a perfect gift! Sign up, sign up!!

Brenda completed her Snowflake Hat and it's breathtaking! The bright colors of Noro are striking against the white of the Cascade 220! We're impressed, Brenda!
Tasha, traditionally a knitter, couldn't resist crocheting the blazer which was featured on the cover of Crochet Today.
Our friend Jess looks lovely in this 3/4 sleeve jacket. It's looks great with her denim skirt.
The girl's got attitude! She shows the versatility of this blazer by wearing the shawl pin by the collar. A new look with very little effort! You look superb, Jess!
Judy Ahart crocheted this absolutely stunning shawl! We are all scrambling to get our hands on the pattern!
This is truly a work of art!
The closeup.
Sister Pat, DHS definitely has a love of lace! We do too, especially after seeing her beautiful handwork!
The two beautiful scarves above were made with Ultra Alpaca.
Sister Pat let the rainbow colors of Zino and the lace chevron pattern sing in perfect harmony in this gorgeous scarf! Bravo, bravo, Sister Pat!

Putnam is going to be bustling all weekend! And as I stated before, we ARE OPEN this Sunday, so come on in and hang out for a bit! Enjoy your weekend! Happy knitting, spinning and crocheting to you all!

Annual Car Cruise in Putnam this Weekend

This Car Cruise is Awesome, usually over 2000 cars. The streets are lined with cars and people, food from the restaurants and vendors, music and more! We will be open Sunday for this event, stop by and say HI.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


We have been moving our store around so much to accommodate all of the new yummy goodness, I figured I would give our blog a little face lift as well!! We needed something bright and cheerful to reflect the environment here at Woolworks!

Take a peek at our sidebar! Our new classes are posted!! YAY!! We are going to have a lot of fun! I know you're all waiting for pictures...and they're coming! I promise! We have just been swamped here, but it's all coming together! Come and see what all the excitement's about!!

To be continued......

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


If I told you that we have received so many boxes of new merchandise, we can hardly get into our back room, that would be a complete understatement! Seriously, it's unbelievable! But we are totally excited with all of the new things we have to offer our creative knitting and crocheting family! All of the new fibers and colors have our creative juices flowing and I think it's safe to say that we all have a new project going on our needles and hooks.

Here is one of our favorites!

Jojoland has always impressed all fiber artists because of the artistic variations and stunning richness of the colors in the entire collection. This jacket greets our customers at the front door, and has proven to be a show stopper!

For shopping ease, we have kitted up a few colorways. But if you want to experiment and come up with your own form of fabulosity, we have an amazing selection of Jojoland Rhythm for you to choose from.

We have admired this yarn for such a long time, and I finally decided to bite the bullet and further fuel our addiction!The colors are so vibrant!And because of its long striping effect, when two different colors of Kauni are worked together, you end up with a beautiful Fair Isle. Please check out Ravelry to see some of the masterpieces people have come up with!

More new goodies posted tomorrow! I want to let you see what some of us have been up to!

Lovely Char is donning her exquisite lace shawl!Her handwork is so perfect! Her meticulousness definitely shows! Wonderful job, Char!
Brenda knit up this gorgeous sock.....
using yarn she spun...on her DROP SPINDLE!! It's amazing! She's good, our Brenda!
After diligently altering a seriously flawed pattern, Sharon now has this fabulous lace top to add to her wardrobe! See what great things can happen when you don't give up? It looks great on you, Sharon!! Good job!

Now back to finding a new home for all our new stuff! Happy knitting, spinning and crocheting too all of you!