Sunday, September 12, 2010


It's here! You can feel it! The telltale chill of fall is in the air, and it has definitely put us all in the mood to dive into our yarn stashes and knit and crochet the days away!

Here at Woolworks, we are still spinning to our hearts content and its now almost impossible to know what to knit with....the glorious yarns we have stocking our many shelves, or the beautiful yarn that we have made with our own hands, using the local roving!

Here I am hiding my face behind the mittens I knit using my own hand spun yarn.

And here are "Bella's Mittens" which I knit using Silky Flamme.
They are fantabulously warm and luscious! It's why I had to teach a class!

The Brooklyn Fair was in full swing a couple of weeks ago and Tasha was asked to participate in the Sheep To Scarf Competition! Although we all consider ourselves to be novices, she met the challenge head on and had a blast!

The two teams that spun that day.

They all did great!

A nice picture of Tasha spinning on her beloved Ashford wheel!
In the last hour she picked up her knitting needles and helped out her teammates by knitting a second piece.
And her team took FIRST PLACE!! YAY!

While the spinning was taking place, Myra was warping her floor loom.
Erin is triumphantly showing off her very first woven scarf! She wove it while the rest of the ladies competed. And because of everything she learned at the fair, Tasha is one week away from getting her very own floor loom and I am almost done with a triangle shawl that I am making on the loom our friend Shelby let me borrow! The madness never ends!

Back at the shop, one of our newest knitters nimbly wove in her ends so that she could pose in her newest creation!
The first thing she knit was a hat....the second thing she knit was a lace hat.....the third thing she knit was this cardigan! She is amazing!
The image of a very happy thirteen year old! We're proud of you Tessy!

We love inspiring people, we love teaching people, and we love seeing what you all do! The looks of accomplishment and pride makes our day here at the shop! Not only do we love to see what you've made, we love to see your happy faces even more!
If you don't believe us, take a look at this face! Doesn't it make you happy??!! Isadora shyly shows off the little beret that she snagged from one of our displays. Of course I let her keep it! She is adorable and undoubtedly one of Woolwork's future knitters! We can't wait!

Happy Knitting, Crocheting, Spinning, Weaving......okay, the list just keeps getting longer and longer! Just be happy, my friends! BE HAPPY!

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