Friday, July 27, 2012

Our knitting family

So I've been thinking...I have noticed we have a wonderful group of people that frequent the shop. Anyone who has spent any time the can attest to that. Of late we have had many of our friends starting to be more active, take more control of their health and make better choices. It's so exciting to see everyone supporting each other in so many ways! For instance, our lovely Natasha has become one of the "models for heart health" when she joined the NDDH's Follow The Fifty. There are over 175 women in our area that have taken on the challenge to be more healthy and will be sharing their results in a big red dress gala at the end of the year. We are so proud of what Natasha has accomplished so far, taking on a not so gentle yoga,Zumba,personal trainer, couch to 5k routines and new changes in her diet.It is amazing to see all the wonderful positive and encouraging words and offers of walking and work out partners that she gets. I won't reveal her but there will be a before and after picture later. We also have our good friends Brenda and Don, they have together taken on better health and wellness. Don is a great support for Brenda, being her constant companion,cheerleader and chef. All this support and hard work on her part has paid off, we are so proud of her accomplishments, she looks fabulous! Congratulations on loosing 100 pounds, Brenda! We are so inspired by you! Then we have Kim, also a Follow the Fifty model. She has become mostly pain free from changing her diet. Fibromyalgia is very debilitating and affects every aspect of your life. It's hard to get out of bed never mind exercise. She has worked hard and feels great wearing a few sizes smaller and looking great in her new body! Nice work Kim! Our whole Thursday KnitNite group has transformed in some way. Michelle and Adrienne have been training. Michelle plans on doing the DKH triathalon! You look great Michelle! Lauren has been also doing some 5k's and hanging out with Brenda and Don. I don't want to forget anyone, sorry if I have. I want to thank Dr. Sherry Kroll for her unrelenting efforts to keep us motivated and moving. Not an easy task for a bunch of sit down in the comfy chair knitters. We no longer order cheeseburgers on Thursday nights. The Court House is going to miss us but the ARC will be getting some nice clothes! Keep up the good work ladies. You inspire me.