Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Eastlake is finished!

click on photo for close up.

I've been working on the eastlake sweater in the Norah Gaughan Vol 3 by Berocco. I used the Inca Gold it called for and really liked it. It's a silk and merino so the stitch definition is great. Not really for beginners, shows everything amiss. Colors are great and the shippment has been ordered. Barb has finished the Cuzco sweater too and I'll post a picture soon. The manequin is smaller than I am so the eyelets fall a little too low here. They should fall just above the bust not across the center. It's supposed to be asymetrical, the seams lined up perfectly and the only really fussy part of it was the back of the neck. There is an extended section done across the back but it's knit with the front in one piece. It looks sort of like a halter before it's put together.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Better late than never..

Here are the sweater pics as promised in May. JoJoland toddler sweater , center, the paint box magic stripes in the upper right and the matinee sweater in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Baby, left.
This week I started the Pi Shawl in Knitters Almanac. I think everyone should make at least one in their lifetime. It's not fussy, can be done in fingering weight, it's in the round and you can say you've knit a lace shawl when you're done! Elizabeth Zimmerman was amazing. Her quick wit, very practical knitting tips and her writting style is fun to read. I love her books. Every knitter should have at least one of them in their library. So everyone venture into the math of knitting and read one of her books, you'll learn tons and actually use her formulas for designing your own items. It helps you make sense of knitting.
New in today...got some Fresco, a self striping 100% cotton from Universal yarns. Would make a cute tank for the summer or entrelac something. There is a pattern for an entrelac tank, kinda cool.

We moved the shop around so now the table is in the front of the shop. If you come in it may look like there is a class or something when you look in the window. Please don't let the people at the table stop you. You are not interupting a class. The table is just always full with knitters or crocheters. Please don't hesitate to ask for assistance if the 'girls' appear busy helping at the table. We are there to assist you.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Grand Canyon.............no words.......not even pictures do it justice

As you can see, I've been away. Far away. To a place only crazy people go in the summer.......
A place where the animals hide, the locals stay inside and wear long sleeves all year round, where you can tell the tourists by the bermuda shorts and red faces, cameras are also a dead giveaway. This is a place where the beauty outshines the sun..(and that's hard to do). When someone hears you are going there in July the only comment and I've heard it from EVERYOne that knew, is "OH...really? but....don't worry..it's a DRY heat! If only they could say, "what, are you Crazy?" It was only 112 degrees in Phoenix! We spent the week at a lovely resort and only slept there. We drove almost 1800 miles in one week to get out of the heat. Every day we drove (John drove) hundreds of miles. But..we saw. We saw little towns, desert, cactus, wild fires, mountains, Sedona, Jerome, and we even ' stood on a corner in Winslow, Arizona' (there was no girl in a flatbed Ford though), Flagstaff, Prescott, old friends and family. Even though it was hot it was nice to get away. We had a convertable and drove with the top down when it cooled off mostly in the evenings. Curvy mountain roads are awesome with the top down and the sunsets gorgeous! I could never live there, of course, unless I had to for some reason, but it was Grand.

Now back to shop stuff..
Our good friend Michelle has informed us that she is moving to Virginia. This makes me sad. She is a firecracker on Thursday nights and keeps the knitting group laughing. We love her. Best wishes Michelle, Haley, Faith, Mike and Jacob. You can wish her well on her Ravelry site. She is rkidteacher. ( i think).
I picked up some lovely yarn while in Arizona and am working on socks, (what's new). I think the next project might be with some Kauni I got there as well. I'd like to get it for the shop. It's so cool and the colorways are fabulous. I only have 2 balls so I think it will have to be a vest or hat and mittens. I'd like a pattern that no one else has done. Every one is using the same blocks pattern. I'm open for ideas..??
The fall yarns should be arriving by trickles in mid July/August. I still have some reps to meet with to choose yarns so if there is something out there you'd like me to carry just say the word and I'll look into it.

So, because I post so rarely, Have a Great Summer, Keep Cool, Keep knitting, and Come in and see us for that travel project. I just flew and had no problem whatsoever with the knitting items. (I didn't bring scissors and I only had a plastic tapestry needle for finishing) and my tin needle holder went through the detectors without a glitch.