Friday, December 25, 2009

Help! Help me make room and decrease my inventory!

Ok, so that may not be the best way to announce an end of the year sale, but we are having a sale. I'd like not to have to count everything that we have in the shop and if it's not there we don't have to count it...are you seeing the oppurtunity here? I know there are lots of gift cards out there to be used, you may as well get the best deal ever and come in this weekend! There will be savings up to 75% on all the sale items in the back room and 50% off some of the regular stock. All full bags purchased will be 25% off. You may buy from stock in the back room. This is great for those that plan on making that afghan this year. I am discounting the few knitting bags we have left and the books are always 15% off. Come on down, we'd love to see you. We will be open regular hours 10-5pm Sat and Sun.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Happy Holidays to Everyone, whatever you celebrate

I hope everyone is enjoying getting ready for the season. We have only 10 days til Christmas! Yikes! I'm not ready. I know there are a lot of knitters out there feverishly making hats, mittens, socks and scarves for special people on their lists! I appreciate your choice to shop at Woolworks for those special projects. We have had a great few months with lots of new activity in the shop. We have enjoyed some new classes with Natasha. Lot's of new knitters are making impressive progress on more difficult projects. We are winding down for this year but will have a list of new projects coming up in the months ahead. Dottie will be doing the Great American Afghan sometime in January. Sundays afternoons we will continue small projects that will include some lace knitting with Sue. There is always help available and you don't have to wait until a specific class, just bring your work into the shop and someone will assist you in understanding or fixing. Our Thursday group has really bonded, such a nice, fun group of women! Anyone is welcome to join us, even if it's not on a regular basis. We'd love to see you.
We have lots of new items in the shop. New yarns arriving almost daily. I've already looked at spring yarns and it seems to early but we have to plan. I just wanted to update since I have not been here in a while. Facebook, email and ravelry are checked more and I often forget about my blog...hope you are all well and I wish everyone the best of Christmas' and remember Jesus is the reason for the season!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

yarny goodness from the State of Colorado.

blurry but yummy just the same, more sock yarn! Like I need more!

Lovely alpace/merino sock yarn and one of a kind dyed chunky for a lucious reversible cabled scarf.

Even the flowers were surprised!

This was the snowiest day! The flowers were in full end of season bloom, they didn't even have time to go by before the snow flew! The cows were huddled together and these had just ambled across the street in front of us, if we were going any faster we wouldn't have been able to stop.

Colorado Pictures for your perusal.

Above picture is up on Pikes Peak, left is Garden of the Gods with a rainstorm coming in.
to the right is scenery on the road. One of the Seven Falls, Flowers in a snowstorm in Breckenridge, and a lake on Pikes Peak.

Garden of the gods, more snow covered mountains, and the Yarn Studio where we met Kathy, the owner. We had a lovely time and have hundreds of pictures. We met some very wonderful people. God is amazing! and we only put 1200 miles on the rental car, imagine if we could see the rest of the state!

Sale for October 1-9

Big Softee, bulky wool/acrylic in pastels from Sirdar is 20% off
Baby Alpaca Grande from Plymouth is a chunky alpaca, super soft in great colors, 20% off
Pashmina from Lana Grossa, luxury in your hands, 20% off
and others at more discount...have to come in and see..:)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Come in and see the changes!

I have yet again moved things around. I do this with the help of my friends. I think you'll like the changes. Nice open space, bright and neat. All the books are in spin racks with the covers facing so you can easily see the variety. There are some new yarns in this week and we had to find space for them. Come on in and visit.

Friday, August 21, 2009

The new friday night knittng club...

Join us for knitting and conversation on Friday nights 6-8pm. We are taking part in a Putnam Business Assoc. Friday night stroll. Most, if not all of the downtown shops are staying open til around 8pm to encourage all the diners to take a walk before or after dinner and see what Putnam has to offer. If we have to be open we'd might as well knit, right! come and join us, it's free and the air conditioning is on. Bring an Iced coffee or tea and relax we have plenty of chairs.
This group is in addition to and should not be confused with the Thursday Nite knitting group. Everyone is welcome to either one that is convenient to them. We can't wait to see you on Friday nights!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

New list of all the yarn on Sale.

Plymouth Llama linen and Llama silk is 30% off
Tahki's Zara is 50% off
Berroco Naturlin is 25% off
Pymouth Linen Isle is 25% off
Arucania multi sock yarn is 30% off
Muench Aspen is 50% off
Knit one, Crochet too Ambrosia 50%
Berroco Geode 30%off
Jo Sharp silk road dk 40%off
Asland Trends La Pampa 30%off
J-Knits superwash me dk 30%
J-Knits sock yarn 30% off
Berroco Pure Merino 50% off

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Deals this week are....

Aspen is still on sale. Now $3.95 was $7.90. This is a nice thick merino/acrylic blend. Samples in shop to touch.
Plymouth Llama silk and Llama linen are also on sale at 30% off. Really nice, soft hand. Worsted weight or light worsted in lovely colors. Makes a nice next to your skin garment. Samples shawl and sweater available for fondling in the shop.
There is still some Jo Sharp silkroad dk left at 40% off
Rustic dk from Queensland is 25% off. Nice dk superwash wool with a sort of kettle dyed appearance. See the red mittens.
Geode from Berroco is 30% off. This is a subtle self striping, dk weight. Sample cardigan to view in the shop. Nice pattern support from Berroco.
There is some more great bargains in the back room. JoSharp silk georgette dk in is the 50%off bin and there are at least 10 skeins of 2 colors.
I've added some of the discontinued mohair and other yarns to delight the bargain hunter. Don't forget to check out the back. It may be messy but look beyond all the boxes and baskets. You may just find something grand. As always anything in the back room is available for sale. If you need more than what is out in the front of the shop, this is where we can get more. Don't be afraid to ask.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ok, so I've been delinquent! I admit it.

I know I have not posted in a while. Really I don't have much of an excuse except that I'm afraid of my camera. What? you say. Well, I don't have very good luck getting my pictures down loaded so I avoid posting so as to avoid being boring. I like pictures. I like pictures to tell the story. If I can't have pictures I don't blog. Stupid I know. It's just me. I need to get more technologically savvy. Help anyone? We had a great time dyeing yarn a few weeks ago and I took some fun pictures but...we may never get to share.
I have seen the reps for the fall yarns and they should start trickling in shortly. I have a few things on sale right now.

Aspen, a bulky wool/acrylic blend from Muench is now $3.95 a ball, was $7.90. 50% off, great deal. come in and see the little hoodie I made. Great everyday sweater for a little child. Use any sweater pattern and add a hood. Easy.

All the Jo Sharp is 40% off

All ON-line yarns are 25% off

Rustic dk is still 25% off

I've yet again become enamored with Elizabeth Zimmerman. She was genius really. I made the baby surprise jacket in a weekend and loved her ingenuity. I'd like to try the 'bog' jacket. Anyone interested in an Elizabeth Zimmerman group, maybe once a month or more often? We could knit anything in her books, talk about her writing and commentary on life. She was really interesting. We could have a book/knitting club. What do you think?

Monday, June 22, 2009

Yarn/sock dyeing on Thursday

We will do the dyeing outside if the weather is good, inside if it's not. All that you need to bring is your choice of yarn, some old clothes and or an apron, and a snack to share if you wish. Tasha and I will take care of the rest. We will keep it simple and fun, we will be using kool aid for the dye. If you want to bring some rubber gloves that would be fine.

This should be a fun night. If you want to just come and knit we'd love to have you.

Friday, June 5, 2009

New Summer Hours

Beginning June 7th we will be closed on Sundays for at least the summer. Not sure if it will continue in to the fall. We don't have many days off, if any, and with Sue working 5 days a week and on call for 7, well, you understand. I would also like to spend some time with my family and my dogs that are missing me. I already work every other weekend at the hospital so... at least I'll have 2 days off a month. Please remember that we are open late on Thursdays til 9 pm and we are usually here beyond that just sitting around knitting. We may even be on the sidewalk in the summer. Why not join us. We will be doing a Sock yarn dyeing 'class' on the 25th of June, if the weather is good. We will be outside. Please let me know if you plan to come so we can get the right amount of materials. There will be a charge just for the materials. It will be fun. Just because it's warm, or will be sometime this summer, does not mean the knitting has to stop. Think about smaller portable projects you can use for Christmas gifts. We have some nice 'green' market bag patterns that use cotton. Check out the Saucy from Reynolds...already sold out of 4 colors and we just got it last week. Great stuff.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Happy Anniversary Woolworks Sale!

We are officially 28 years old! Can you believe it? Cam started the shop in 1981. To celebrate we are having our annual sale. There will be lots of good deals and some snacks, balloons, raffles, the whole shebang!
Come on in this weekend for the fun We will be open regular hours, 10-5pm.
Next week we will continue with 25% off yarn and 15% off notions/books etc. til Friday.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Hi there, Happy Mother's Day to you all. In celebration of this lovely day we are having an impromptu sale. How about 25% off everything in the store! Today only.

(Lauren's totes are not included in the sale)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

The SWTC has arrived/ other stuff too!

The Terra is here for the lovely Big V Vest from SWTC. I'm still waiting for the pattern. Apparently Joe forgot to mention that it was a pattern from a designer and had to be purchased so it was not ordered and is now forthcoming. So sorry for the delay but the yarn is in if you had interest in it. I have a few skeins of the PURE, soysilk, for the lacey scarf in the blue and one Mariposa shawl kit left in the plum color that Joe had. I can order more if there is more interest.

I have a baby sweater made from the Debbie Bliss Rialto. I loved working with this yarn. It's a superwash merino in DK weight. I washed it in the sink and ruffed it up to see what it would do and it doesn't look like I did anything to it. (anybody know how to get rust stains from an iron out of a sweater?)Hense the roughing up....luckily it's on the inside. Anyway love the yarn.

Paula's sweater continues to be a hit! It's incredible and she did such a lovely job on it.

We went to the NENA show last weekend and saw some wonderful things. I have purchased some items to be delivered closer to fall and some super nice needle cases from Lantern Moon that should be coming soon. I met the girls from Conjoined Creations! They are really cool and we have some of their stuff coming. I really liked the sock yarn that comes in already knit flats. We sold out of them the first time we ordered. They now have some quarters so you can make larger garments. Great patterns. We also have a new favorite for kids patterns...The Gemmel sisters at Cabin Fever are genius. Everything is top down and the patterns are well written and easy to navigate. Most of the books we bought are already gone. I will get more, promise. These are great! More leaflets are coming.
New to us also is La Boheme from FIESTA yarns. Gorgeous yarn in mohair and nylon blend. Beautifully dyed. Very special. Must see.

Sue has finished her entrelac socks..super to follow.

Friday, May 1, 2009

More on Riverstone..the pictures your requesed!

How do you like this one?

Paula finished the Kaffe sweater from Vogue Knitting Summer 2008. Isn't it spectacular? She used Louet Gems. The colors are fabulous!

Monday, April 27, 2009

And we thought Steadfast Fibers was gone...!

Well that lovely dyed yarn from Steadfast Fibers with the matching mohair that we thought was no longer, is back. The new owner of this lovely duo is Paulette Francouer from Canada. She is doing the dyeing and has pretty much the same colorways. They are very pretty! Come see them in the window. We have them hanging on a 'tree'. Paulette uses Brown Sheep Lambs Pride for the wool so the yardage is great at 190yds and the Mohair as far as I recall is from Louet which has a fabulous look and feel. These 2 wonderfully colorful yarns compliment each other nicely. I made a 'lace' pattern scarf out of the teal and it came out very nice. It will be hanging near the 'tree' so you can see how the varigations look knit up.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

What can we do for you?

I'd like some input here. We in the shop are so appreciative of your loyalty and the fact that you chose us as your LYS and we'd like to know what you'd like to see in the shop. Either comment here or email me at Are there yarns you'd like to see? What type of classes would you be interested in? Techniques? What times are good for you for events in the shop? I want to keep the shop interesting and fresh and with your input I can make that possible. I want to hear your ideas, please don't hesitate to reply. Thanks.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Where's Joe? Fashion Show tonight

Ok, so I tried to put the South West Trading logo here so you all would recognize it but apparently it's illegal. So...I wanted to let you all know that the SWTC co-owner will be here in the shop tonight with all his wares. Joe has a fashion show planned and you all get to be the models. Try one some great items and let him know how you feel about his products then I buy what you like! It's easy. Not to mention fun, there will be wine and cheese! So come on down and hang out with us tonight starting at 7 pm.



Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Cascade 220 is here!

Today more boxes to unload! Wow! We received some just fabulous alpaca yarn in 'eco' undyed colors as well as some dyed. Amazing hand! With that also came the new wool/linen blend from Italy. This 'Rustic' is very light and lofty but not fuzzy. I would make a wonderful man's sweater with cables. The swatch I saw was cabled and so light and airy I thought of my husband being too hot in a traditional wool sweater. It''s got a heathery tone in gray, black and brown.
Also in this batch was the 30 top selling colors of Cascade 220 worsted wool. Lovely colors! and some other EcoWool in large hanks, fewer ends to weave in with the larger hanks. These are undyed.
Last week we got some wonderful dye-able alpaca,wool and cashmere blends in natural aran color from Plymouth. Why not try your hand at making your own colors with cool aid? It's great fun!

There are some great deals in the shop now, everything not already marked down is 25% off! We will only keep the sale on til Saturday so come in now for best selection!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Sale On Now!

Hi everyone! Happy Spring? Oh, Happy Spring! I wasn't sure it was officially here yet because it's still too chilly. Anyway, here we or I go again. I've bought a lot, A LOT! of yarn. My addiction problem could be a boon for you. I've decided to try to make you all happy and at the same time move enough yarn to be able to walk in the back room. Yup, I did it again. Anyone notice the Encore wall was looking a little sad even pathetic? Well not anymore! New colors and bags of the stuff. Do you have plans for an afghan? Now's the time. 25% off.
Actually everything is 25% off if it's not already marked down! There are some good deals to be had here, Where can you get Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran at 30% off? (just for a couple of days) The Reynolds Kids is still on special. I am closing it out so the books and the yarn are 50% off. I really like the line but it's still here. It's great especially with the pattern support.
Besides the Debbie Bliss there are other surprize markdowns but just for this week.
I have met with the Cascade rep and my order will be in on the 24th. Help me make room! I bought the top 30 colors!
Oh forgot to mention, all the leaflets are 50% off and the books, yes the books are 20% off. WOW!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

We have yet again rearranged More new things in for your yarn addiction have arrived and have made it out of the back room. Lots of glorious colors and textures to touch. Queensland makes a lovely yarn from Sugar cane called Sugarush a Drapey, soft, fingering weight will make something sumptuous for spring. Also from Queensland is a fabulous cotton soy blend called Cotsoy that has the hand of a luxury yarn. Absolutely loved working with it. Great color pallet as well. Debbie Bliss Prima, merino and bamboo is very nice too and the pattern support in the new Debbie Bliss magazine for this yarn is good.
Another new yarn for us is from Debbie Bliss called Rialto dk, it's a super wash extra fine merino and there is a great book of patterns available to go with it. New Cashmerino Baby colors are in as well. Finally a red. We have stocked up on NORO too and have more colors to choose from in the Kockoran and Kureyon, silk garden and silk garden dk. There is a new yarn called Taiyo in fabulous bright kid colors. It's a wool, cotton, silk and nylon blend, chunky weight, really fun. We have also let the Mission Falls 1824 cotton out of the back room for the spring and summer. All the patterns for the wool are interchangeable in the cotton.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dont Forget the Super Bowl Sale!

It's that time of year again! All you football widows out there want a project to do while the boys are watching the game? Now is the time to find one. We will be open 10-6 on Super Bowl Sunday and the discounts could be up to 50%! There will be a 'souper' bowl with tickets that you choose at checkout, the amounts range from 20-50% off yarn and 10-15% off books and notions. Last year we had a blast and everyone left with a bargain. Come in and join us the coffee will be on and unfortunately due to the volume we may not be able to skein your yarn or assist with pattern/knitting difficulties. We will however assist during regular business hours during the week.