Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ok, so I've been delinquent! I admit it.

I know I have not posted in a while. Really I don't have much of an excuse except that I'm afraid of my camera. What? you say. Well, I don't have very good luck getting my pictures down loaded so I avoid posting so as to avoid being boring. I like pictures. I like pictures to tell the story. If I can't have pictures I don't blog. Stupid I know. It's just me. I need to get more technologically savvy. Help anyone? We had a great time dyeing yarn a few weeks ago and I took some fun pictures but...we may never get to share.
I have seen the reps for the fall yarns and they should start trickling in shortly. I have a few things on sale right now.

Aspen, a bulky wool/acrylic blend from Muench is now $3.95 a ball, was $7.90. 50% off, great deal. come in and see the little hoodie I made. Great everyday sweater for a little child. Use any sweater pattern and add a hood. Easy.

All the Jo Sharp is 40% off

All ON-line yarns are 25% off

Rustic dk is still 25% off

I've yet again become enamored with Elizabeth Zimmerman. She was genius really. I made the baby surprise jacket in a weekend and loved her ingenuity. I'd like to try the 'bog' jacket. Anyone interested in an Elizabeth Zimmerman group, maybe once a month or more often? We could knit anything in her books, talk about her writing and commentary on life. She was really interesting. We could have a book/knitting club. What do you think?


Barb W. said...

I am interested in joining a Elizabeth Zimmerman group, but depends on when. Saturdays are always best for me. I am currently working on the adult surprise jacket, but would like to do more.

Momma Leary said...

That sounds like fun! I have one of the books you recommended....I think to make a sweater that fit....but haven't dared to try that yet! I guess I have to tackle my UFO's first though?????

Michelle said...

If the time works, I would love to join you. I work during the day so I would only be able to attend if the meetings were held in the evening.

Leslie said...

Too bad I wasn't closer. I would try showing you how to upload you pictures. It's not hard once you learn. I also use Picasa (free) to edit them, too. Keep trying!

Tasha said...

The Bog Jacket is awesome! I was thrilled with my finished product and thinking about making another one in a bulky weight. And I would definitely partake in Elizabeth Zimmerman Knit along! Like you, I think she's a genius.

And ummm.......stop being scared of your camera, woman! Point, shoot, post and conquer!

Momma Leary said...

Okay, so I love that Bog jacket and say sign me up! I am just going to embrace the fact that I've become a mater-starter and run with it!

Finished projects are over rated anyway aren't they?

Jen said...

Thanks everybody, I'll do the zimmerman thing in the fall on Sat. probably am before opening. It's just easier without other customers in. What do you all think? How about 9-10 or 10:30? Once a month or twice? I can't do every Sat. because of the other job. I only have everyother weekend off. Let me know

Momma Leary said...

Saturdays sound great! I also sent you an email.