Sunday, August 2, 2009

Deals this week are....

Aspen is still on sale. Now $3.95 was $7.90. This is a nice thick merino/acrylic blend. Samples in shop to touch.
Plymouth Llama silk and Llama linen are also on sale at 30% off. Really nice, soft hand. Worsted weight or light worsted in lovely colors. Makes a nice next to your skin garment. Samples shawl and sweater available for fondling in the shop.
There is still some Jo Sharp silkroad dk left at 40% off
Rustic dk from Queensland is 25% off. Nice dk superwash wool with a sort of kettle dyed appearance. See the red mittens.
Geode from Berroco is 30% off. This is a subtle self striping, dk weight. Sample cardigan to view in the shop. Nice pattern support from Berroco.
There is some more great bargains in the back room. JoSharp silk georgette dk in is the 50%off bin and there are at least 10 skeins of 2 colors.
I've added some of the discontinued mohair and other yarns to delight the bargain hunter. Don't forget to check out the back. It may be messy but look beyond all the boxes and baskets. You may just find something grand. As always anything in the back room is available for sale. If you need more than what is out in the front of the shop, this is where we can get more. Don't be afraid to ask.


Cindy (starshine) said...

You post your sales, I show up at your store. I actually needed more of the llama/silk anyway to finish one of my projects. It's absolutely WONDERFUL yarn! I can't wait to wear the hooded tunic I'm making with it. (Although, I need to wait until after the Fair.)

Cindy Gauthier

Jen said...

Thanks Cindy. I'm going to try to post everything on sale every week.