Sunday, December 28, 2008

End of the year Sale!

I know, I know it's not Super Bowl yet! Well I had an idea that if I had a sale now I wouldn't have to count the yarn. Inventory is a bear and I don't relish doing it, even with help. So why not come in this week between Christmas and Jan 3rd and get additional discounts? I promise it will be worth the trip. Of course the earlier in the week you shop the better the selection. Sale prices will be on present stock only no special orders please, I'm cleaning! This weekend was busy and lots went out already so if you are so inclined and need a new project now that the holiday stress knitting is over, come on in and visit for a while and maybe just maybe you'll see something you can't live without. Don't forget the samples are for sale too!
It's a great time to try socks, they are great small projects to bring to your kid's sports events or while waiting in the Dr.'s office, or just cozy in your chair at home. Start now for next year and you'll have a less stressful holiday season.

Afghans are also popular after holiday projects. They keep you warm while you knit or crochet .
How about that sweater you always wanted to make for yourself? Now's the time. With all you do you everyone else, it's time to think about you. There are so many patterns to choose from and lovely yarns to delight your senses. Happy Knitting and see you all soon.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Sample Sale!

We have finally decided to sell some of our samples! I know there are a few of you out there that had your eye on something, now's the time. We will sell the hats in the window if they are ours. There are a few that were gracously lent to us to fill the window. We have baby sweaters, womens sweaters, kids sweaters, mittens and hats. If we made the item we can sell it, with this in mind, we are unable to sell items on loan from yarn companies. Come on in and see what's available. You could make it yourself, but why?

Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Hope everyone had a very nice Thanksgiving and had time to spend with those most precious to you. Now I'm sure everyone turns to the hustle and bustle of the next holiday. Let's not get ourselves too stressed. As hard as it sounds, it's actually quite possible. Planning ahead, like NOW, is very helpful. If you are making things for gifts now is the time to get going. Choose something that suits the person but isn't going to stress you out and cause you to have a couple all nighters to finish. There are many small projects that can make even the fussiest recipient happy. How about some cashmere or alpaca mittens or socks, or scarf out of llama and silk,
a lovely small purse from ribbon,are some that come to mind at the moment. I' m sure we could find something for everyone.
We have been very busy in the shop getting stock out for the busy season and still have some time to knit ourselves. This week the biggest seller was the Baby Grande Alpaca from Plymouth. This is due to the lovely mittens it makes and the bolero vest that everyone has to try on when they come into the shop. I can't keep the stuff stocked. A tip for super soft mittens....I made some out of the alpaca, washed them in the sink with hot water, ruffed them up a bit and when they are dry, turn them inside out and brush them fuzzy with a hairbrush. Super warm and cozy! The fuzz on the inside adds a layer that traps the heat and keeps your hands very comfortable. Try it!,

Friday, November 7, 2008

The ever changing world of Woolworks..

I'm always trying to come up with new things for my customers. Sometimes I'm at a loss and have a hard time being creative. I've come up against that problem this month. The hat window is cool and a work in progress. We have rearranged again...the Debbie Bliss and the Mission Falls finally have a home of their own. I bought 2 more Ikea cases to get rid of the brown odd bookcases and can't wait to get them filled. I've ordered some very nice winter yarns and patterns to go with them that I hope will inspire everyone to knit for the holidays or just for themselves. I am concerned as ever about the Big Box store that opened down the road and are confident that my loyal customers are just that. I appreciate all your support and input and if there is any product you wish to see in the shop, Please let me know. I'm here for you and wish to support you in your projects as best I can. I have to say however, with the ever changing economy , if you come in to the shop with a project made with 'someone elses' yarn purchased 'somewhere else' I will be glad to assist you but there will be a charge. I know you all understand. I have been very reasonable as far as this goes for a long time and have not charged or even mentioned a fee, this is relatively unheard of in the yarn shop world. Most shops charge for assistance and classes. We have tried to accomodate and assist anyone who has needed it and will continue to keep customer service at the forefront. I feel the time and experitse of the women working in the shop has value, we need to treat it as such. You wouldn't by beef at the grocery store and bring it to a restuarant and ask them to prepare it for you, would you? or would you go into Williams and Sonoma and pick out a recipe in a book and say, I don't want the whole book just the recipe? What do you think the response would be?

Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy's knitting time, well, it's always knitting time.

News on the Woolworks front...New stuff..What's new? There's always new stuff to stimulate the senses. This week, oh my, we have sock yarn from Pagewood Farm. Just lovely and going out of the shop like crazy. I'd tell you about the 500yd hanks of Adirondack fingering weight in gorgeous colors but THEY ARE GONE already. I have to order more. I'd show you the lovely colors of Mission Falls 1824 Wool and 1824 Cotton but they are in the back room in the packages because there is NO ROOM to put it out... did I mention I have an addiction? There are some really cute kid patterns and interesting adult patterns to go with this yarn and both the cotton and the wool can be used interchangeably in the pattens. Really nice for those that can't use wool to have that option. New to us also is the Ella Rae Classic wool, worsted weight with really super nice pattern books, not too expensive either. Ellyn Cooper Yarn Sonnets in the superwash handdyed are also in, lovely.
New to the sock world is Happy Feet in a dk weight for all you chickens that are afraid of fingering weight and size one needles. This is very pretty stuff. Plymouth also introduced recently Happy Choices, a dyed scarf that you Un-knit into a sock or hat or whatever you choose. Much like the Conjoined Creations and around the same price. You can buy 2 and have a matching scarf and make something to go with it with the 2nd.
Harry Potter sock yarn is finally here, (Not like the movie is yet but oh well) Fun stuff. You can have your socks made and ready to where to the movie whenever they actually decide to release it. We ordered this stuff from Opal about 6 months ago in anticipation, they recinded the movie release but we didn't have a choice for the yarn. It was coming no matter what. we go, lets knit some socks people! KNIT ON!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Here we go again. All the fall yarn that was ordered in the spring and summer (that I forgot about) is coming in now. I just received a large order from Knitting Fever. Lots of Noro, Debbie Bliss in colors I didn't have and new yarns like Eco wool and Big Softee. Got some Ella Rae too. Really nice stuff. It's all in the back room as there is no room out in front. I do have a 50% off sale right now that some have already benefited from. Lots to go in closeout. There is Heirloom, a superwash wool in a braid, not twisted. Nice for stitch definition. Anything from Needful is going at half because they have gone out of business. From them we have some Joy, a %100 wool that is self striping, sort of chunky but can be used as a worsted for a tighter knit. They also make a lovely merino, Autrailian merino in tweedy colors. Nice stretchy dk. Bunny hop from Crystal Palace is in the back room at half as well. Loved this yarn, we just need a change. I can still get it but would special order if needed. Take advantage at this price you can make some baby items for little cash. In the front of the shop we have some cotton blends that are going out of season so for all you 'allergic to wool' people, there is another option. Plymouth Bradford and Somerset, worsted weight pima cotton and nylon and pima and silk. Good buys. Come in and see what deals are in the making and help me make room for the new stuff. We like to keep you guessing and offer great deals on great yarns. Thanks for your support and helping me stay in business.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ellyn Cooper is here!

Lovely to look at and can't wait to use it. The worsted weight wool and the sock yarn are gorgeous. If you like hand dyes and would like to use a locally made yarn, Ellyn's yarn is for you.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Jil Eaton, Minnowmerino

We just recieved probably the nicest kid yarn ever...a superwash Merino in kid colors with the hand of Malabrigo. Jil's Minnowknits patterns are adoreable and knit up fast on this lovely worsted weight yarn. I can't wait to knit with it. Feels like heaven. Check out the colors above .

Color Board 14713 - Jet Black4701 - Snow White4716 - Lamb's White4750 - Goldie4785 - Orangini4788 - Tangerine4758 - RougeColor Board 24755 - Cerise4789 - Pinque4719 - Icy Pinque4779 - Iris4795 - Violette4754 - Lavender4757 - BluetteColor Board 34704 - Icy Blue4720 - Aqua4729 - Icy Aqua4731 - Turquoise4781 - Green Grass4735 - Chartreuse4702 - Icy Citrine

MinnowMerino is a worsted weight, single ply 100% merino yarn with a micron count as lovely as cashmere. Manufactured in Peru, MinnowMerino is available in 21 of Jil’s signature, gorgeous, saturated colors. And it’s machine washable! Comprehensive pattern support can be found in Jil Eaton’s kid-friendly Quick Knits collection of leaflets.
Product Information
100% Extra Fine Superwash Merino
machine wash gentle, dry flat
Colorways above 21 in all
Gauge :
4½ sts/inch on #8 needles
Put up
Skein Weight
50 grams
Skein Yardage

I have ordered all the colors!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


This week, the unadvertised sale is the WHOLE inventory of sock yarn! No specific company, all the sock yarn! It will be 30%! I may regret this but....I like smiles on my customer's faces. Come in and check out all the choices.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Coming Soon...Mission Falls and Ellen Cooper Yarn Sonnets!

Keep an eye out for the new lines coming in. We are very excited to add these lovely yarns to our inventory. The colors of the Mission Falls are just gorgoeous and not like any other. The 1824 Wool and 1824 Cotton are interchangeable as far a gauge. 18 stitches in 4 inches and 24 rows. Very cool! The pattern support for these yarns is wonderful, lots of childrens patterns that are unique and colorful. The wool is a very soft superwash merino! Yippee! Superwash.
Ellen Coopers yarn is LOCAL and this yarn can sell itself. Her colorways are interesting and the fiber options are numerous. I had to hold back on buying, Icould have taken all the colors. I have chosen the superwash in a worsted weight. There are many others to chose from and I am open to getting more when we see how this goes.
This week we recieved some items from Knit one, Crochet too. Some lovely hand dyed Ambrosia, a delicious blend of luxury fibers for those very special gloves. "Linus" is a new yarn for them and the pattern I chose is adoreable. Check out for the fish pattern," Gone fishing", I have all the colors for this sweater and the yarn is a merino, acrylic and alpaca blend.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Berroco, Lots of Berroco, Debbie Bliss too!

New Ultra Alpaca colors just in. Also Berroco has introduced the same yarn in a Bulky weight, called Cuzco and a fine weight called Ultra Alpaca fine. Both have the hand of the original but with more versatility you can make anything, sock, shawls, sweaters and chunky items as well. Don't forget this wonderful yarn comes in a 'light' dk weight too. In the same shippment was the Inca Gold that I used to make the Eastlake in the Norah Gaughan vol3. Loved working with the Inca Gold, merino and silk. I have the newest Berroco books in stock to accompany these yarns and samples of sweaters to touch.
Some new colors in the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Baby arrived and some new books. Seems we can't keep the baby books in stock. The patterns are so cute. I have some Sirdar books that have some 'to die for ' kids patterns that you can use the cashmerino to substitute. These are really nice traditional arans, swing style updated sweaters and great boys pattterns that are sometimes hard to find. Watch for the new superwash Merino from Jil Eaton. I can't wait til that comes in. The colors are fabulous and I got them all. Soft as can be and really cute pattern support.
In the HALF PRICE sale bin this week.....Plymouth Baby alpaca brush. Going fast at half price! Also added was the Plymouth luxury Bamboo. Lots of colors and some full bags.

Sale of the week.....Aspen from GGH Muench, a bulky weight merino and acrylic at 30% off!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Noro Silk Garden, top down raglan

Cutie. Love this little toddler sweater. The flower buttons are great. The Silk Garden worked up very well and was softer than expected. I didn't wash ist yet and I assume it will get softer still. I used an Ann Norling top down cardigan pattern, easy to follow and finished in just 3 days.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Eastlake is finished!

click on photo for close up.

I've been working on the eastlake sweater in the Norah Gaughan Vol 3 by Berocco. I used the Inca Gold it called for and really liked it. It's a silk and merino so the stitch definition is great. Not really for beginners, shows everything amiss. Colors are great and the shippment has been ordered. Barb has finished the Cuzco sweater too and I'll post a picture soon. The manequin is smaller than I am so the eyelets fall a little too low here. They should fall just above the bust not across the center. It's supposed to be asymetrical, the seams lined up perfectly and the only really fussy part of it was the back of the neck. There is an extended section done across the back but it's knit with the front in one piece. It looks sort of like a halter before it's put together.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Better late than never..

Here are the sweater pics as promised in May. JoJoland toddler sweater , center, the paint box magic stripes in the upper right and the matinee sweater in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Baby, left.
This week I started the Pi Shawl in Knitters Almanac. I think everyone should make at least one in their lifetime. It's not fussy, can be done in fingering weight, it's in the round and you can say you've knit a lace shawl when you're done! Elizabeth Zimmerman was amazing. Her quick wit, very practical knitting tips and her writting style is fun to read. I love her books. Every knitter should have at least one of them in their library. So everyone venture into the math of knitting and read one of her books, you'll learn tons and actually use her formulas for designing your own items. It helps you make sense of knitting.
New in some Fresco, a self striping 100% cotton from Universal yarns. Would make a cute tank for the summer or entrelac something. There is a pattern for an entrelac tank, kinda cool.

We moved the shop around so now the table is in the front of the shop. If you come in it may look like there is a class or something when you look in the window. Please don't let the people at the table stop you. You are not interupting a class. The table is just always full with knitters or crocheters. Please don't hesitate to ask for assistance if the 'girls' appear busy helping at the table. We are there to assist you.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Grand words.......not even pictures do it justice

As you can see, I've been away. Far away. To a place only crazy people go in the summer.......
A place where the animals hide, the locals stay inside and wear long sleeves all year round, where you can tell the tourists by the bermuda shorts and red faces, cameras are also a dead giveaway. This is a place where the beauty outshines the sun..(and that's hard to do). When someone hears you are going there in July the only comment and I've heard it from EVERYOne that knew, is "OH...really? but....don't's a DRY heat! If only they could say, "what, are you Crazy?" It was only 112 degrees in Phoenix! We spent the week at a lovely resort and only slept there. We drove almost 1800 miles in one week to get out of the heat. Every day we drove (John drove) hundreds of miles. But..we saw. We saw little towns, desert, cactus, wild fires, mountains, Sedona, Jerome, and we even ' stood on a corner in Winslow, Arizona' (there was no girl in a flatbed Ford though), Flagstaff, Prescott, old friends and family. Even though it was hot it was nice to get away. We had a convertable and drove with the top down when it cooled off mostly in the evenings. Curvy mountain roads are awesome with the top down and the sunsets gorgeous! I could never live there, of course, unless I had to for some reason, but it was Grand.

Now back to shop stuff..
Our good friend Michelle has informed us that she is moving to Virginia. This makes me sad. She is a firecracker on Thursday nights and keeps the knitting group laughing. We love her. Best wishes Michelle, Haley, Faith, Mike and Jacob. You can wish her well on her Ravelry site. She is rkidteacher. ( i think).
I picked up some lovely yarn while in Arizona and am working on socks, (what's new). I think the next project might be with some Kauni I got there as well. I'd like to get it for the shop. It's so cool and the colorways are fabulous. I only have 2 balls so I think it will have to be a vest or hat and mittens. I'd like a pattern that no one else has done. Every one is using the same blocks pattern. I'm open for ideas..??
The fall yarns should be arriving by trickles in mid July/August. I still have some reps to meet with to choose yarns so if there is something out there you'd like me to carry just say the word and I'll look into it.

So, because I post so rarely, Have a Great Summer, Keep Cool, Keep knitting, and Come in and see us for that travel project. I just flew and had no problem whatsoever with the knitting items. (I didn't bring scissors and I only had a plastic tapestry needle for finishing) and my tin needle holder went through the detectors without a glitch.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

I'm actually knitting!

Well, sorry I've been delinquent in maintaining this blog thing...I don't really have an excuse except I've been kind of away from the computer. I've actually been trying to knit! What a novel idea for a YARN shop owner! This week I've completed an adoreable baby sweater by Debbie Bliss in the Cashmerino baby. I loved working with it! Even on a size 3 needle. I made the Matinee Jacket in a very soft raspberry color that really reminds me of raspberry icecream. I've also completed a 2T cardi in JoJo land Rhythm that I got at the New England Needlearts Show in Sturbridge 2 weeks ago. Her yarn is gorgoeous. Really. Each skein in this bag was the same dye lot but each one was different..meant to be that way. Soo cool! Emily is making some socks out of the fingering weight and the colorway is fabulous and the softness of this superwash wool is grand. Very subtle color changes and her patterns are really different and interesting. Check out her website@ (i think). I'm now in the process of finishing my 3rd sweater in 2 weeks. This one is the magic stripes using Paint Box from KnitoneCrochet2. It reminds me of something Dr. Seuss-ish. I like it though. A 6 yr. old would love it. I'll take some pictures and post soon. Don't forget the smaller summer projects you can do now for Christmas! Get Going early. The shop is cool and comfortable on those hot summer days if you need a get away, think of us.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Socks Socks Socks

The new Conjoined Creations has arrived and it's creating a stir! I made one sock as I posted this morning and showing it to customers was such fun. Everyone is very intrigued by it. The fact that they are all different and you don't know how it will look just keeps you knitting to find out...Here's mine...............................>
I just love working with it. I have tons of sock yarn to chose from and touch. We are on the list to get the new Harry Potter line from Opal in the late summer! Can't wait to see it.

Camera now working,,,yippee!

Here is the Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino.....^
Yummy soft muted colors, like an English garden.

Here are some of the cottons, cotton silk and organic cotton. The shawl is Classic Elite Provence, silk and cotton really nice.....>

Noro sock, conjoined creations and organic cotton

Ok, I tried..I'd love to post the new yarn because somehow there is something lost in not seeing the colors. Let's see how good I can be at description. Just in yesturday was the 'Sky' organic cotton from Tahki. I'm not a real organic kind of person, though I appreciate the reason for it and I respect those that can make it a 'way of life'. I now have the yarn for you. Sky is a lovely cotton with subltle natural tones in cream, blue and pink (so far) It has a braided strand that I'm sure will make the knitters happy that don't like the cotton that is twisted threads and can get caught in your needle. That won't happen with this. "Sky" is a certified organic. I don't know all the particulars but it's a good thing for all the naturalists out there. There is pattern support for this yarn. I have the Plymouth organic cotton as well in natural colors, no dyes. Nice!
I think this week has been a 8 on the excitement scale for getting in new yarn! I have been waiting for the Noro sock yarn and the conjoined Creations flats and both have arrived. I had a conference Monday and Tueday and was able to knit, thank goodness! I started a pair of socks in the Conjoined Creations, How cool is this stuff! The colors are great and the idea of not knowing what the sock is going to look like keeps you knitting faster and faster. ( I hope I didn't distract the speaker) I got a really cool pair of muted pink socks with light green and cream running thru.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Dianna's bag

Dianna's bags always look so big!Who but a knitter would believe that they would shrink down to a usable size? Just when you think you've ruined it...throw it in the wash!

Trina's tote

Here is Trina's tote. It's lovely, I think and so does she. The yarn is Plymouth Outback wool and Brown Sheep bulky. Random stripes and the doubled variagated yarn compliment each other. The button is a large brown Dill button. Pattern is made up (of course). I casted on 25 stitches, of bulky Brown Sheep in brown, on a size 13 needle. Knit about 72 rows and then picked up around bottom and knit up about 20 inches. It's the Naomi's button hole bag enlarged. We have the pattern in the shop. The premise of the pattern is the same, just add stitches and length. There is a box in the bottom for shaping while drying.

Whoa!!! Can you believe the size of that thing?

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter, Spring is coming. Finally

Are you looking for a new project for the warmer weather or are you itching to get started on your Christmas presents? We are stocked for all of your needs. I've had a hard time choosing my next project. I have a chevron scarf started in Frog Tree Melange, a gorgeous sport weight alpaca. I finished a pair of squishy pink low cuff socks that would be wonderful bed socks for those cold winter nights. I used the new Regia Softy and I couldn't put them down. This yarn would also make a very fun carry along in a baby sweater, not too fuzzy but very soft. My other work in progress is the swing jacket (sweater) in the new Plymouth summer book. I'm using Jo Sharp Silk Road Dk. and I really like the way it's coming out.
Paula and Dotty have been busy as well finishing some lovely things. Paula has her Jo Sharp Silk Road Dk Cardigan on display as well as some socks in J-Knits and Plymouth Happy Feet. Dotty has just finished a baby sweater in Louet Gems sport weight that is adorable.
The new items in the shop including the Kertzer yarn ,Marble have been flying out and I've had to reorder in just one week! The patterns for this yarn are just so sweet and appear to be quite simple. Very popular colors in variegated self patterning dk weight.
Interested in making a crocheted bag for summer? We are having a class! Yes a real class. Mary L. will be teaching fair isle crochet in a simple bag from cotton or cotton blend. Do you want to learn to crochet? This is the class for you. We will start Wed. March 26th at 6pm til 7:30pm. The 2nd class is Wed eve April 2nd same time. The cost will be $25 plus materials. Please call the shop if you'd like to sign up. Have a wonderful week and we hope to see you soon.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Lots of new spring yarns in

Sorry for the delay in posting for all those who check on the new stuff. We have been busy emptying boxes and seeing reps for the spring lines. Just in today is the Classic Elite Premier, it's got an amazing softness and it's a cotton and tencel blend. I got all the colors. We have some Fantasy Natural from Plymouth, cotton in worsted weight. I have a challenge of finding more space to display all the new stuff.
I love the Berroco linen, Llama Linen from Plymouth and the Tahki 'new tweed' All very nice for lighter wear for warmer weather.
I have opened accounts with Needful and Schacktameyer and others I am at a loss for remembering. I'll update again soon. Come on in and see and feel the new stuff. The colors will make you want to knit!
I planned on posting pictures of it all but the camera is m.i.a. sorry.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

So how about the weather?

Well all I can say is Blahhh! It's crazy, I know we live in New England and this stuff is to be expected but..can't we take a break? Well, we at the shop are thinking spring, or starting to anyway. We have some lovely new things in and more spring stuff that will trickle in over the next few months. Lately we have received the Dream in Color worsted and sock yarn to try. The colors are so very different mostly variagated in the same colorway. Soft hand and good yardage. It's a superwash merino. Lovely.
I have also added an acrylic blend, I know I've never been a fan of acrylic but they do have their place. This particular yarn is Comfort by Berroco and the name says it all. It's very soft and the colors are true and fabulous. Good pattern support too.

We have a trunk show in from Classic Elite for a couple of weeks showing off the new spring styles in the new books for the season. See pic above. Also the ever talented Michelle in her Pure and Simple front tie cardigan in Tatamy Tweed by Kraemer. Nice job Michelle! Then there is the lovely Emily in her Ultra Alpaca duster 'annikki' by Nora Gaughan in Vol 1 by Berroco. Love the buttons Em!
So I hope every one enjoyed the Super Bowl Sale. We had an absolute ball, no pun intended. Sorry Patriots. It was a grand day for knitters. Lots of discounts, nothing under 20% and up to 50%. We will do a sale like that soon and will post and advertise for those that missed out.
We want to spread the cheer.

Hope to see those finished projects so I can post them for all to see. Happy stitching!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I had some Noro Kureyon in the past but it's been gone for a while. I always liked the colors and they make lovely accents in bags for a subltle backround. I like to use it with Brown sheep. It felts better with the 2 togther. We have some lovely colors. I chose some bulky silk/wool blend as well. It's very soft and would make a wonderful entrelac scarf, or hat. It would be amazing as mitred squares in a garment or throw. Check out the internet for free patterns using these yarns. I'm sure you'll find something interesting or use any worsted weight pattern for the Kureyon or bulky weight pattern for the Silk Garden Bulky. I'm always looking for new items. Here is my the Entrelac scarf in Kureyon. Find the pattern at I can't go anywhere wearing this without someone stopping me. It's crazy. Even my co-workers are trying to make off with it by wearing it home by 'mistake'! Don't laugh it's happened twice!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

For the love of Alpaca!

The other very popular items in recent weeks have been anything made out of Baby alpaca Grande. Also a Plymouth yarn
with incredible softness and very reasonable. Nice colors and 2 Skeins will make a nice length scarf. Even the guys love this stuff!

knit col

Here are the colors of the Knit col. The stripes are actually wider if you make a sock. The colors in real life are much more vibrant.

Sad news

Sorry for the delay in posting. It was a busy holiday season both in the shop (Good) and at home. I have noticed lots of new customers in the shop in the last couple of weeks and I welcome everyone to our shop and hope we can be of service. I have had an emotional past 2 weeks. The day after Christmas my friend and co-worker Linda lost her fight with the cancer beast. She was only 48. All I can say is that she was one of the most wonderful, selfless, beautiful people that I've ever had the priveledge knowing. She was bright, smart and giving. Her smile was one I'll never forget. The Linda bag was designed for her Christmas gift. I would like to get some input as to how to best serve her memory with this pattern. Possibly giving some of the proceeds of the pattern sale to the Oncology unit at DKH or something like that. I'm open to suggestions. Let me know what you think.
On another sort of sad neighbor and landlord, is closing his family business after 53 years. I'm happy that he has the opportunity to spend more time with his family and grandchildren but also sad because the big box store has struck again and the little guy is left with little choice but to close. I know he will be missed, I will miss being able to run next door for my office supplies and seeing people i know.