Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I had some Noro Kureyon in the past but it's been gone for a while. I always liked the colors and they make lovely accents in bags for a subltle backround. I like to use it with Brown sheep. It felts better with the 2 togther. We have some lovely colors. I chose some bulky silk/wool blend as well. It's very soft and would make a wonderful entrelac scarf, or hat. It would be amazing as mitred squares in a garment or throw. Check out the internet for free patterns using these yarns. I'm sure you'll find something interesting or use any worsted weight pattern for the Kureyon or bulky weight pattern for the Silk Garden Bulky. I'm always looking for new items. Here is my the Entrelac scarf in Kureyon. Find the pattern at www.frecklesandpurls.com. I can't go anywhere wearing this without someone stopping me. It's crazy. Even my co-workers are trying to make off with it by wearing it home by 'mistake'! Don't laugh it's happened twice!

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