Monday, October 29, 2007

Here is the picture of the whole family of dpn holders. Call the shop for prices or more info. I do take orders over the phone or email I have a Paypal account as well.

The new baby has arrived!

We now have a very small needle holder for the 5 inch dpn's. It's really cute. This addition makes the needle holder family complete.

Monday, October 22, 2007

the Car after Rhinebeck!

As you can see there was very little room in the car when we were done. Dianna bought a wooden fall decoration and it fit between the seats. Thank goodness! We couldn't have strapped it to the roof. Even the front seat is loaded and Emily tries to knit. We had a crazy good time! Thanks Dianna!


Ok, so I wasn't going to go. Well, I was going to go but I had worked a 12 hour shift the day before and the shop was supposed to be busy on Saturday with the craft show and the train coming to town. I could go on with the excuses but no one cares really. I was going with Dianna and wanted to go Sunday, she wanted to go Friday night and i just wasn't up for it. What I didn't know is she left and assumed i wasn't coming. I called her Sat. am to find out the plan and to my surprise and disappointment she was already there! Now who wants to drive 3 hours alone? Not that I can't, I just don't like to. Now here's the good part..John was going on a motorcycle ride to....? NEW YORK! Whewhew! So with backpack in tow we got on the bike and rode the 3 hours down the Mass Pike and Taconic state parkway. What an amazing ride! Awsome beauty, leaves still pretty and the wonderful smell of fall. The weather was really nice, not too cool. He dropped me off at the entrance took my helmet and jacket back with him, you'll see why this was seredipitous later. The cars, oh my, the cars! That meant people, knitting,spinning and weaving people. Wow, that many in one place all with wool and fiber in common. Incredible.

I met up with 'them' in one of the buildings, them as in Dianna and the lovely Emily, I didn't know she was there. What a wonderful surprise.
We ate lamb, the best apple turnovers in the world, and cheese.
We shoppped and shopped, amazingly we still can walk. It was indescribable. You know when you go to a fair and the people are just moving like cattle? If you bump someone they either say something derogatory or give you a dirty look. NOT here. It was nice, I know not very elaborate word for it but it was NICE. There were bags, backpacks, strollers, kiddiepacks, baskets, and anything you can think of to carry your stash in. People has no choice but to bump you but no one cared and if they did there were apologies all around.
The picture at the top of the page is Dianna's car before the the parking lot, before we emptied it out to fit all our take.
The place was mobbed. Fun mobbed. Glad we were going back on Sunday. The selection was incredible, a yarn snobs dream. We met the Bourgois' from Ontario with their Philosophers wool sweater and shawl kits. Eugene and Anne are a delight. I splurged on a cardigan of lavendars and purples. I've been admiring them on line for a long time and would love to learn the 2 handed techniques.

We saw the lovely Yarn Harlot herself amoung the crowd and signing books. I already have all her books signed so I felt funny just saying hello but she accomodated me with a picture, Love the sweater Steph!

I also went out on a limb and bought me some natural colored cashmere. WOW..amazing. It's for me!!

I also got a drop spindle and some fabulous merino and mohair roving in a divine wine color. I'm going to learn, really!

The car was so full on the way home I couldn't see out the windows. I was in the back.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Plymouth Yarn Sale, Starting NOW!

There will be a Sale on all Plymouth yarn in stock. (no special orders for this sale) I have received a huge shipment of Encore, sock yarn, alpaca,wools, lovely blends of merino, alpaca and cashmere,baby yarns and more. I will give a 25% discount on any thing from Plymouth in the shop. Buy now for those special holiday gifts! Stock up on your dwindling stash! Lots of pattern support too, I'll give a 10% discount on any Plymouth pattern as well.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Bulky, Chunky Sale

We will have a sale on all Bulky and chunky yarns starting the 13th thru the 20th. All these yarns will be 20% off.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

New bags from Della Q

Today we received the bags we've been waiting for from Della Q. Lovely silk bags with pockets and zippers, totes and small purses as well as some needle cases for circulars.
More sock yarn we've been looking forward to came today also from Madelinetosh. Love the colors! Hand dyed.
New Ann Norling patterns and the Aspen bulky weight merino and acrylic blend from Muench have also arrived. I made a ear flap baby hat, so cute and took only 1 hour!

This week we are expecting the new addition to the tin needle holder family. The smallest of the group to fit 5 inch needles, not sure of the price yet. And don't forget we already have the 'fat' holder for the larger, up to a size 9 dpn for the hat and mittens maker.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Quick and easy cabled baby sweater!

Anny Blatt Angora and ribbon, Delicious!

The Pictures as promised

Here are the pictures for the earlier post. Unfortunately you see them before you see the post I'm even talking about! Crazy how that works. Anyway the top pic is the Ritratto, followed by the recycled silk on the left, the Llama silk on the left below, the AnnyBlatt angora and ribbon on the right and the Louet kidlin and mohair on the bottom.

Erratic downloads

Pictures for the previous post

Hopefully this worked. I'm having technical difficulty. My computer likes to shut off whenever it wants and I'm really frustrated. On a nicer note we got some really nice yarn from France today from Beregere, a cotton and wool washable blend. Wonderful pattern support and children's books as well.