Thursday, April 17, 2008

Socks Socks Socks

The new Conjoined Creations has arrived and it's creating a stir! I made one sock as I posted this morning and showing it to customers was such fun. Everyone is very intrigued by it. The fact that they are all different and you don't know how it will look just keeps you knitting to find out...Here's mine...............................>
I just love working with it. I have tons of sock yarn to chose from and touch. We are on the list to get the new Harry Potter line from Opal in the late summer! Can't wait to see it.

Camera now working,,,yippee!

Here is the Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino.....^
Yummy soft muted colors, like an English garden.

Here are some of the cottons, cotton silk and organic cotton. The shawl is Classic Elite Provence, silk and cotton really nice.....>

Noro sock, conjoined creations and organic cotton

Ok, I tried..I'd love to post the new yarn because somehow there is something lost in not seeing the colors. Let's see how good I can be at description. Just in yesturday was the 'Sky' organic cotton from Tahki. I'm not a real organic kind of person, though I appreciate the reason for it and I respect those that can make it a 'way of life'. I now have the yarn for you. Sky is a lovely cotton with subltle natural tones in cream, blue and pink (so far) It has a braided strand that I'm sure will make the knitters happy that don't like the cotton that is twisted threads and can get caught in your needle. That won't happen with this. "Sky" is a certified organic. I don't know all the particulars but it's a good thing for all the naturalists out there. There is pattern support for this yarn. I have the Plymouth organic cotton as well in natural colors, no dyes. Nice!
I think this week has been a 8 on the excitement scale for getting in new yarn! I have been waiting for the Noro sock yarn and the conjoined Creations flats and both have arrived. I had a conference Monday and Tueday and was able to knit, thank goodness! I started a pair of socks in the Conjoined Creations, How cool is this stuff! The colors are great and the idea of not knowing what the sock is going to look like keeps you knitting faster and faster. ( I hope I didn't distract the speaker) I got a really cool pair of muted pink socks with light green and cream running thru.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Dianna's bag

Dianna's bags always look so big!Who but a knitter would believe that they would shrink down to a usable size? Just when you think you've ruined it...throw it in the wash!

Trina's tote

Here is Trina's tote. It's lovely, I think and so does she. The yarn is Plymouth Outback wool and Brown Sheep bulky. Random stripes and the doubled variagated yarn compliment each other. The button is a large brown Dill button. Pattern is made up (of course). I casted on 25 stitches, of bulky Brown Sheep in brown, on a size 13 needle. Knit about 72 rows and then picked up around bottom and knit up about 20 inches. It's the Naomi's button hole bag enlarged. We have the pattern in the shop. The premise of the pattern is the same, just add stitches and length. There is a box in the bottom for shaping while drying.

Whoa!!! Can you believe the size of that thing?