Saturday, January 16, 2010

January woes! Inventory and New POS system!

We are in the throws of year end inventory. I would usually close for a day or two but with the new system and entering each and every last item down to the buttons it'd take forever! We have been at it for 2 weeks now and those that have been by the shop see me at my post entering in data. I can say I don't like data entry and would not have been a very good secretary. I stand there all day and the other girls have picked up customer support for me. Thank the Lord for them! Or every one would be still waiting for me to help with a problem. We are almost done and should be up and running with the new system for the annual Super Bowl Sale on Feb. 7th. Please have patience with us while we learn about the new system. It will be easier in the long run for us to keep track of inventory and make timely orders to keep things in stock. I can't wait for it to be finished, we have some new items in boxes that we haven't opened and I can't wait to bring it out.
Sue has started the Smoke Ring Cowl lace class. There are some very beautiful pieces being produced. Kim's is lovely in cream colored cashmere. She is making steady progress. We will have a class list soon. I have not been able to concentrate on getting it done with the whole inventory/ new Point of Sale and I apologize for that. I know some are anxious. Dot has 2 squares almost done on the Great American Aran afghan so we will be scheduling that class to start soon.
We hope to see everyone on Super Bowl Sunday! Hours will be extended to 10-6pm. This is a one day sale only so come early!