Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Here we go again. All the fall yarn that was ordered in the spring and summer (that I forgot about) is coming in now. I just received a large order from Knitting Fever. Lots of Noro, Debbie Bliss in colors I didn't have and new yarns like Eco wool and Big Softee. Got some Ella Rae too. Really nice stuff. It's all in the back room as there is no room out in front. I do have a 50% off sale right now that some have already benefited from. Lots to go in closeout. There is Heirloom, a superwash wool in a braid, not twisted. Nice for stitch definition. Anything from Needful is going at half because they have gone out of business. From them we have some Joy, a %100 wool that is self striping, sort of chunky but can be used as a worsted for a tighter knit. They also make a lovely merino, Autrailian merino in tweedy colors. Nice stretchy dk. Bunny hop from Crystal Palace is in the back room at half as well. Loved this yarn, we just need a change. I can still get it but would special order if needed. Take advantage at this price you can make some baby items for little cash. In the front of the shop we have some cotton blends that are going out of season so for all you 'allergic to wool' people, there is another option. Plymouth Bradford and Somerset, worsted weight pima cotton and nylon and pima and silk. Good buys. Come in and see what deals are in the making and help me make room for the new stuff. We like to keep you guessing and offer great deals on great yarns. Thanks for your support and helping me stay in business.


Michelle said...

Mike believes that keeping you in business has become a sole mission of mine. He may be right. Thanks for offering such awesome deals that my addiction can continue.

Jen said...

I'm so glad you are feeling so attached to the shop. Press on the mission soldier and KNIT ON! Love you.