Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy's knitting time, well, it's always knitting time.

News on the Woolworks front...New stuff..What's new? There's always new stuff to stimulate the senses. This week, oh my, we have sock yarn from Pagewood Farm. Just lovely and going out of the shop like crazy. I'd tell you about the 500yd hanks of Adirondack fingering weight in gorgeous colors but THEY ARE GONE already. I have to order more. I'd show you the lovely colors of Mission Falls 1824 Wool and 1824 Cotton but they are in the back room in the packages because there is NO ROOM to put it out... did I mention I have an addiction? There are some really cute kid patterns and interesting adult patterns to go with this yarn and both the cotton and the wool can be used interchangeably in the pattens. Really nice for those that can't use wool to have that option. New to us also is the Ella Rae Classic wool, worsted weight with really super nice pattern books, not too expensive either. Ellyn Cooper Yarn Sonnets in the superwash handdyed are also in, lovely.
New to the sock world is Happy Feet in a dk weight for all you chickens that are afraid of fingering weight and size one needles. This is very pretty stuff. Plymouth also introduced recently Happy Choices, a dyed scarf that you Un-knit into a sock or hat or whatever you choose. Much like the Conjoined Creations and around the same price. You can buy 2 and have a matching scarf and make something to go with it with the 2nd.
Harry Potter sock yarn is finally here, (Not like the movie is yet but oh well) Fun stuff. You can have your socks made and ready to where to the movie whenever they actually decide to release it. We ordered this stuff from Opal about 6 months ago in anticipation, they recinded the movie release but we didn't have a choice for the yarn. It was coming no matter what. we go, lets knit some socks people! KNIT ON!

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cleary said...

What happiness! I love the feel of that yarn I picked up the other day! I'm going to try to do a picot edge and a lacy chain pattern down the sides! What do you think?

I'm also thinking you remember the girl that came in last year sometime with the cream colored knee-high's that were cabled and had other stuff going on? I dream of those socks! Not that I could pull them off like she will never see me in a short skirt! But I really want that pattern!

See you later this weekend!