Friday, November 7, 2008

The ever changing world of Woolworks..

I'm always trying to come up with new things for my customers. Sometimes I'm at a loss and have a hard time being creative. I've come up against that problem this month. The hat window is cool and a work in progress. We have rearranged again...the Debbie Bliss and the Mission Falls finally have a home of their own. I bought 2 more Ikea cases to get rid of the brown odd bookcases and can't wait to get them filled. I've ordered some very nice winter yarns and patterns to go with them that I hope will inspire everyone to knit for the holidays or just for themselves. I am concerned as ever about the Big Box store that opened down the road and are confident that my loyal customers are just that. I appreciate all your support and input and if there is any product you wish to see in the shop, Please let me know. I'm here for you and wish to support you in your projects as best I can. I have to say however, with the ever changing economy , if you come in to the shop with a project made with 'someone elses' yarn purchased 'somewhere else' I will be glad to assist you but there will be a charge. I know you all understand. I have been very reasonable as far as this goes for a long time and have not charged or even mentioned a fee, this is relatively unheard of in the yarn shop world. Most shops charge for assistance and classes. We have tried to accomodate and assist anyone who has needed it and will continue to keep customer service at the forefront. I feel the time and experitse of the women working in the shop has value, we need to treat it as such. You wouldn't by beef at the grocery store and bring it to a restuarant and ask them to prepare it for you, would you? or would you go into Williams and Sonoma and pick out a recipe in a book and say, I don't want the whole book just the recipe? What do you think the response would be?

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Michelle said...

Jen, I hope I'm still considered a "local customer". It sounds to me that you are being quite fair! You and the women who work in the shop are very experienced and it is of great value!