Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Hope everyone had a very nice Thanksgiving and had time to spend with those most precious to you. Now I'm sure everyone turns to the hustle and bustle of the next holiday. Let's not get ourselves too stressed. As hard as it sounds, it's actually quite possible. Planning ahead, like NOW, is very helpful. If you are making things for gifts now is the time to get going. Choose something that suits the person but isn't going to stress you out and cause you to have a couple all nighters to finish. There are many small projects that can make even the fussiest recipient happy. How about some cashmere or alpaca mittens or socks, or scarf out of llama and silk,
a lovely small purse from ribbon,are some that come to mind at the moment. I' m sure we could find something for everyone.
We have been very busy in the shop getting stock out for the busy season and still have some time to knit ourselves. This week the biggest seller was the Baby Grande Alpaca from Plymouth. This is due to the lovely mittens it makes and the bolero vest that everyone has to try on when they come into the shop. I can't keep the stuff stocked. A tip for super soft mittens....I made some out of the alpaca, washed them in the sink with hot water, ruffed them up a bit and when they are dry, turn them inside out and brush them fuzzy with a hairbrush. Super warm and cozy! The fuzz on the inside adds a layer that traps the heat and keeps your hands very comfortable. Try it!,

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