Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Sale On Now!

Hi everyone! Happy Spring? Oh, Happy Spring! I wasn't sure it was officially here yet because it's still too chilly. Anyway, here we or I go again. I've bought a lot, A LOT! of yarn. My addiction problem could be a boon for you. I've decided to try to make you all happy and at the same time move enough yarn to be able to walk in the back room. Yup, I did it again. Anyone notice the Encore wall was looking a little sad even pathetic? Well not anymore! New colors and bags of the stuff. Do you have plans for an afghan? Now's the time. 25% off.
Actually everything is 25% off if it's not already marked down! There are some good deals to be had here, Where can you get Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran at 30% off? (just for a couple of days) The Reynolds Kids is still on special. I am closing it out so the books and the yarn are 50% off. I really like the line but it's still here. It's great especially with the pattern support.
Besides the Debbie Bliss there are other surprize markdowns but just for this week.
I have met with the Cascade rep and my order will be in on the 24th. Help me make room! I bought the top 30 colors!
Oh forgot to mention, all the leaflets are 50% off and the books, yes the books are 20% off. WOW!

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