Monday, April 27, 2009

And we thought Steadfast Fibers was gone...!

Well that lovely dyed yarn from Steadfast Fibers with the matching mohair that we thought was no longer, is back. The new owner of this lovely duo is Paulette Francouer from Canada. She is doing the dyeing and has pretty much the same colorways. They are very pretty! Come see them in the window. We have them hanging on a 'tree'. Paulette uses Brown Sheep Lambs Pride for the wool so the yardage is great at 190yds and the Mohair as far as I recall is from Louet which has a fabulous look and feel. These 2 wonderfully colorful yarns compliment each other nicely. I made a 'lace' pattern scarf out of the teal and it came out very nice. It will be hanging near the 'tree' so you can see how the varigations look knit up.


Michelle said...

How about some photos?

Jen said...

I wish I was more photo/internet savvy, I would post more. I'll get there. Thanks for your patience.