Friday, August 13, 2010


Did you guys check out our class list? If you haven't, make sure you do! It's in our sidebar, and we think we have a great variety of classes! Up next on our Twelve Gifts of Christmas is the Cabled Cowl.

This is the perfect winter accessory....and a perfect gift! Sign up, sign up!!

Brenda completed her Snowflake Hat and it's breathtaking! The bright colors of Noro are striking against the white of the Cascade 220! We're impressed, Brenda!
Tasha, traditionally a knitter, couldn't resist crocheting the blazer which was featured on the cover of Crochet Today.
Our friend Jess looks lovely in this 3/4 sleeve jacket. It's looks great with her denim skirt.
The girl's got attitude! She shows the versatility of this blazer by wearing the shawl pin by the collar. A new look with very little effort! You look superb, Jess!
Judy Ahart crocheted this absolutely stunning shawl! We are all scrambling to get our hands on the pattern!
This is truly a work of art!
The closeup.
Sister Pat, DHS definitely has a love of lace! We do too, especially after seeing her beautiful handwork!
The two beautiful scarves above were made with Ultra Alpaca.
Sister Pat let the rainbow colors of Zino and the lace chevron pattern sing in perfect harmony in this gorgeous scarf! Bravo, bravo, Sister Pat!

Putnam is going to be bustling all weekend! And as I stated before, we ARE OPEN this Sunday, so come on in and hang out for a bit! Enjoy your weekend! Happy knitting, spinning and crocheting to you all!


Imaworkinprogress said...

Hi Jen and ladies! I love the new look of the blog page! I don't think I'll make it in this weekend as we have a family cookout tomorrow and today we're headed to Foxboro w/Sean and his girlfriend to celebrate. He got his license today! Can you believe it???? I must be getting old!

Anyway, I'll definitely be by during the week as summer's almost over! See you soon!
Christine :)

Tasha said...

We would love to see you! We miss you! Can't wait to sit and knit at the table! Hurry up lady!