Tuesday, August 10, 2010


If I told you that we have received so many boxes of new merchandise, we can hardly get into our back room, that would be a complete understatement! Seriously, it's unbelievable! But we are totally excited with all of the new things we have to offer our creative knitting and crocheting family! All of the new fibers and colors have our creative juices flowing and I think it's safe to say that we all have a new project going on our needles and hooks.

Here is one of our favorites!

Jojoland has always impressed all fiber artists because of the artistic variations and stunning richness of the colors in the entire collection. This jacket greets our customers at the front door, and has proven to be a show stopper!

For shopping ease, we have kitted up a few colorways. But if you want to experiment and come up with your own form of fabulosity, we have an amazing selection of Jojoland Rhythm for you to choose from.

We have admired this yarn for such a long time, and I finally decided to bite the bullet and further fuel our addiction!The colors are so vibrant!And because of its long striping effect, when two different colors of Kauni are worked together, you end up with a beautiful Fair Isle. Please check out Ravelry to see some of the masterpieces people have come up with!

More new goodies posted tomorrow! I want to let you see what some of us have been up to!

Lovely Char is donning her exquisite lace shawl!Her handwork is so perfect! Her meticulousness definitely shows! Wonderful job, Char!
Brenda knit up this gorgeous sock.....
using yarn she spun...on her DROP SPINDLE!! It's amazing! She's good, our Brenda!
After diligently altering a seriously flawed pattern, Sharon now has this fabulous lace top to add to her wardrobe! See what great things can happen when you don't give up? It looks great on you, Sharon!! Good job!

Now back to finding a new home for all our new stuff! Happy knitting, spinning and crocheting too all of you!

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Michelle said...

I want so badly to walk in your shop again a peruse and touch the yarn! Everything looks so beautiful! Still miss you all greatly!