Monday, September 13, 2010


Are you ready to knit, but you're not ready to commit to a large, elaborate project? Well take a peek at some of the cute, quick- to- make knitting treasures!

I whipped up this great Fair Isle baby hat in just one night! If you use the two handed Fair Isle method, this works up in a flash!
What do you think about this festive baby elf hat? It's fab, isn't it? By taking a Jester's Hat Pattern, changing a few minor details, and adding a jingle bell to the tippity top, your precious baby will be more than ready for the holiday season!
People tend to groan when they think of making a scarf. Well, this Ruffly Potato Chip Scarf is anything but boring and it is so incredibly easy!! Why not pick out your favorite yarn and make a couple! They make great gifts!

Come on down to the shop and rifle through our huge library of patterns.

I finished my first shawl using the triangle loom that Shelby was nice enough to let me set up at the shop! It is the warmest, coziest thing ever and the drape is absolutely beautiful!
What will go on the loom next, I wonder?? Hmmmm...

I'm off to sip a cup of tea, knit a few stitches and daydream about oodles and oodles of yarn! Have a great day!

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