Friday, March 11, 2011

Don't Forget Kulli's wonderful Estonian mitten classes start tonight!

Kulli Jacobson, Estonian mitten knitter extraorinaire is starting her fabulous mitten class tonight here at Woolworks. She is leaving to move back to Estonia in April so this is a one time only oppurtunity to learn from a master. Her mittens are wonderful works of art and you too can produce beautiful knitted items that your family and friends will love. Class is at 6pm and the cost is $15 for 2 classes. You will have option to attend up to 6 classes with the day offerings. There are 3 in each day and evening offering. Call Woolworks to sign up. We don't want Kulli's mittens to go away when she does! Check out her page on or google estonian mittens and you will get the idea. Hope to see you.

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