Thursday, April 12, 2012


Good morning my knitting and crocheting friends!  Hope you are all doing well this fine spring morning!  Before I start, please remember that the shop will not be open tonight for our Knit In.  We are all heading over to the Brackken Memorial  Library to see Ann Hood!  We are so excited!  But WE ARE CLOSED!  OK.  Moving on!

Let's talk about our imaginations, shall we?  How many times have you found yourself flipping through magazines and books looking for the perfect project, and finding it........well, kind of?  You know the ones - the projects where you find yourself saying, "This sweater would be perfect if didn't have that weird ruffle on the edges", or, "What a gorgeous afghan, but I really don't want to have to buy 25 skeins of yarn to make it!".  With that said, your plans are thwarted and the search continues.

Well, it doesn't have to be that way!  This is when your creative juices and imagination kick it into high gear!  Find what you like about the pattern, and see what you can do to make it just right for you!  Here are some examples of us doing just that! (You do know that I would never tell you to use your imagination if I wasn't ready to prove that we do it ourselves, right?)!

Jen loved the Ramona Cowl from Knitscene, Winter 2011, but she knew that she would never wear it as a cowl.....

so she turned it into a bag!

What a great way to make something beautiful personally useful!

Raverly memebers have been buzzing about "Wingspan", and our knitters have been on a knitting frenzy after Jen made the first one. She used one skein of Taiyo Sock yarn.

It reminds me of seaglass!

She liked the pattern enough to do it again using four skeins of Noro Silk Garden Lite...

but this time she incorporated some eylets, just to give it a special feminine touch!

Jess found a cute little hat pattern on Ravelry by the name of Purple Delight, which was made in purple and features a large, matching purple flower motif.

Jess left the purple behind, and decided to make the flower in a contrasting color, and used a handmade button to give it a little pizazz!

And everyone loves the bold statement made in the Lizard Ridge afghan, but I decided that I wasn't in the mood to knit an least not in the summer.


So with a little math and short rows for a smooth, rounded collar, The Lizard Ridge Afghan is now a striking shawl!   

So, there you have it!  It IS possible to get exactly what you want, even if it means changing things up here or there.  So, flip through your books and magazines, browse all of the great sites available to us, and make something special and all your own!

Happy knitting and crocheting!!

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