Friday, May 29, 2015


Last time we spoke, and by spoke, I mean the last time I posted, I was doing my very best to convince you that summer knitting should be on your list of things to do. And not just on your list. Like at the top of your list...well, close to the top. See? I can be reasonable. 

Well, to help get you in the swing of things, we have designed a challenge. A challenge that needs only one skein of yarn. A challenge that will get your needles flying during those hot summer days. A challenge to eclipse all other challenges. Ok, now I'm being a bit dramatic. No, really. There was a triumphant soundtrack playing through my head as I wrote those words. My brain. It's a crazy place. 

Anyhoo...back to the challenge. We're calling it the One Skein "One"derful Summer Challenge.  We want to see what you're inspired to make using only one skein of yarn. Any fiber, any pattern. You can knit it, crochet it, hook it, embroider with it. It's all good! Sounds fun, right? Keep reading. We've got rules and regulations and stuff. Oooh, and prizes. We've got those too. 

Begins Tuesday, June 2nd. Ends Tuesday, June 30th.

!) Skein must be purchased at Woolworks Ltd. We will give you a ten percent discount on the yarn purchased for the challenge. The yarn can be any way weight and fiber.
2) You must register the yarn you plan on using with us upon purchase. 
3) You can use any pattern. The finished product does not have to be your original design.

1st Place: $35 gift certificate and a feature on our blog.
2nd Place: $25 gift certificate and a feature on our blog.
3rd Place: $15 gift certificate and.....wait for it....a feature on our blog. 

The entries will be judged on:

1) Technique
2)  Aesthetics
3) Yarn choice (does the choice of yarn suit the project, etc.)
4) Gauge/Accuracy
5) Finishing
Simple enough, right? We're excited to see the beautiful things you come up with. So, that's it! Up and at em! Get to the shop! Pick out your gorgeous skein! Sign up for this "one"derful challenge!

Hey! You're still here? Stop reading and start knitting! See you soon, my fiber friends!

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