Sunday, August 26, 2007

why do dogs like paper?

Why do dogs, especially puppies, have to chew up the most unusual things? Do they care if it's the newspaper for a few cents or the most costly out of print book you own?
Obviously they don't because mine just chewed up my friends copy of the October Knit'n Style!
Why? Because he wanted to digest the lovely patterns or learn to knit? Not a chance. It was because I was on the phone and he couldn't stand it. All the attention was not directed at him. I happen to speak rarely on the phone and it was a very important call, but he didn't care, it's all about HIM. I was just glad he didn't eat the yummy fingerless gloves in progress in the bag with the magazine. Then he would have wished I was still on the phone! Here is the pattern for the mock cable gloves......Will post picture when I can get the camera to download.

Mock Cable Fingerless Mitts

These mitts are fitted and do not fall off. The merino has some stretch and great stitch definition, nice for beginners.

Materials: worsted weight yarn, about 85 yds. for each mitt. (I used Berocco Pure Merino)

Size 5 (us) dpn’s or size to get gauge.

Gauge: 6 sts. to the inch without stretching, knitted in K2, p2 rib. (Note: check gauge in the round for more accuracy)

Pattern: Right Twisted mock cable, (T2R) made over 2 knit stitches as follows:

Knit 2 tog but don’t let stitch off needle, knit into the first stitch of the 2 you just knit together, let stitch off needle.

Cast on 40 stitches

Join in round on double pointed needles being careful not to twist

Cuff: K2, P2 around for 10 rows or until cuff is desired length.

Body of mitt: Row 1; Cable twist (T2R), P2, repeat around.

Every 2nd and 3rd round, K the knits and purl the purls.

(You will have two knit 2, Purl 2 rows between your twisted cable rows.)

Continue in this pattern for 5 inches

Gusset for thumb: Knit in pattern as set for 18 stitches (next stitch will be a purl), Place marker, Make one stitch, Purl 2, Make one, Place 2nd marker. Finish round in pattern to first marker.

Next and every other round, continue in pattern without increasing between markers, purling the stitches between the markers.

Odd rounds: Increase between the markers one stitch on each end.

Continue in this manner until you have 16 purl stitches between the markers.

Next round: Remove 1st marker, Cast off 15 of the purled gusset stitches (you will have one purl stitch left on your needle), remove 2nd marker. Finish round in pattern to the cast off edge, pick up 1 stitch and purl it, Join with the other purl stitch on the other side of the cast off edge and continue in the pattern around. You should have 40 stitches again. (This closed the thumb gap)

Continue in pattern as established for 2 ½- 3 inches or desired length (try it on and see how far you want your fingers to stick out the top) Cast off in pattern. Do not end with a twisted cable round or it will ruffle.

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