Thursday, July 15, 2010


By now we have all heard of Christmas in July. Granted, we have had to sludge our way through some pretty sticky, humid days, we know that if we want to have most of our Christmas knitting and crocheting done, the time to start making them is NOW!

So to facilitate our desire to give handmade beauties to our loved ones this year, we have set up our Twelve Gifts of Christmas Class Schedule. Our goal is to have twelve finished projects by December 25th. And by finished, we mean, all ends woven in, all blockable objects blocked, wrapped and under the tree!!

The full class list will be shown in the side bar, and a picture and full description of each class will be posted here on the blog a couple of weeks before they commence. Our classes are always fun, but we also want all of you to try and learn new things! Keeping that in mind, we have developed a class syllabus that focuses on mastering the technical side of knitting.

First up in our Twelve Gifts of Christmas is the Snowflake Hat I designed. It has been a huge hit here at the shop and it is a wonderful way to learn two handed Fair Isle!
Once you learn to do color work in this way, you'll never go back to the tedious method of twisting your yarn as you go.

Class will begin on July 20th at 6:30pm and will run for three weeks. Classes are $5.00 a week and all students are given a 10% discount on all class materials. Sign up now!

If you've been in the shop in the past few weeks, you already know about our newest addiction. I impulsively made a purchase about two months ago, and have started a frenzy in the store.

Yes.....these are my spinning wheels! All three of them!I now have a Lendrum, an Ashford and a LeClerc.
The Ashford...Some practice roving on my LeClerc...

We all have a favorite wheel. I love the soothing whir of the LeClerc, Don and Brenda's feet happily dance on the Lendrum, and Tasha has begun a love affair with the Ashford. We have made it a habit to sit in the store front window and spin as we wave to the people of Putnam!

Here are some of the beautiful things these wheels have inspired:My first hat using my own spun yarn!
Tasha spun some beautiful roving from Liz at Fibers for Ewe and knit up this very cute off the shoulder capelet using my Ashford wheel.
Using the lovely natural colors from Sally at Brown Farms, Tash spun and plied this yarn. She is planning on making her husband a hooded vest.
Tasha also spun some lace weight that stripes as you knit. This is her lace snood in progress. She really loves that Ashford!!

Look out for pictures of Don and Brenda's handy work! Don spun up some gorgeous sock yarn and Brenda not only spins on a wheel.....she is an amazing drop spindler as well!

Here she is checking out the softest alpaca from a local farm...
I wonder what they would spin up to be??

There are a lot of great things going on here at Woolworks and we are very excited about it! We can't wait to see you! Happy knitting, spinning and crocheting!

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Keith Yerex said...

Do ashford dual drive bobbins (or any other kind of available bobbins) fit on your leclerc wheel? I just bought a leclerc wheel just like yours, and came across your picture, while trying to find out more about it.