Thursday, July 1, 2010


If you love yarn and fiber, whether you're knitting with it, crocheting with it, needle felting it, spinning it, or tearing it all out to start all over again, the right accessory always makes it even more lovable. Well, prepare to fall in love, my friends!

Our Namaste bags are in the shop! We have a lovely selection of styles and colors! Feast your eyes!Stunning, aren't they?!!

We also have very attractive silk project bags!
This bag is just the right size for a pair of socks, a hat, a baby sweater........

Here it is in another luscious color palate.And this project bag accommodates those days when we have something a little larger to work on! I love it!

If you don't want another bag....
Check out The Fibersphere!
This nifty contraption allows your yarn to flow smoothly and tangle free while being protected from the dust, frosting covered fingers, or cats!
It even comes with it's own bag!

And we have new beautiful Lana Grossa Double Pointed Needles and Circulars available!
Isn't time you stopped in? Yup, yup!

Enjoy this refreshing, humid free day! Find a nice spot under a tree and happily knit or crochet!

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