Thursday, April 15, 2010


Having to think of the right way to showcase all of the beautiful yarn we have to offer at Woolworks prompted us to give the shop a bit of a face lift! It's amazing what three determined women are able to do when we put our minds to it! I've been debating whether or not to post pictures of the new layout of the store.....and I've decided that you should all come in and see for yourselves! All I will say is that the atmosphere of our shop is even more inviting, you are even MORE welcome to sit with us at our table, and your Woolworks experience will be even MORE enjoyable! That makes us incredibly happy!

One of the words that keeps us going here is "Inspiration". In fact this is so important to us, we have a constant reminder on hand:

Our goal here is not only to provide you, our knitting and crocheting family, exquisite, top of the line yarn to work with. We are here to inspire you and encourage you to make the glorious things that you and your family and friends deserve. And once you feel inspired, we encourage you to.........
Not only does it make us happy to see the fruits of your labor; you now become the INSPIRATION to the rest of your knitting and crocheting community!

Let me share a few ideas with you now!

Don can't spoil his little granddaughter enough! He knit this wonderful hoodie using Socos!

Look at how vibrant the colors are! Sophia is well prepared for slightly chilly evenings! It's a good thing her family thinks ahead!
I couldn't wait to use the Cotton Supreme so I quickly made this extremely sweet hat! It has been an instant hit here at the shop!
You can't really have a hat that cute without a matching sweater, can you? So, I made the sweater too! This really has to be one of the softest cottons I have ever used!

Tasha got her needles going on the Cotton Supreme Batik and zipped through the BSJ just in time for her friend's baby shower this weekend! Her friend is going to be thrilled!
And don't forget how much fun themes can be! I went to our local bookstore and special ordered "The Rainbow Fish", which was the inspiration for my Block Party Baby Afghan and it certainly proves to be the perfect accoutrement!

I hope you are all inspired to create, design, and enjoy the entire process! Come in a see the great changes and sit with us at our table and enjoy the company and the atmosphere! As I bid you good day and happy knitting and crocheting, I leave you with this thought:



Anonymous said...

Perfect blog!!!

Love you guys

Kim said...

Wonderful and uplifting for spirits needing it... Like me... Thanks!