Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Although we had gotten used to abnormally warm weather for a bit, a seasonal 50 to 60 degree day is quite lovely! We are so proud of our Monday night ladies. They have been patiently and steadily knitting on their Great American Aran Afghan squares. With every skill that they learn, we can't help but jump on their success wagon and celebrate with them! Here are some more of their wonderful accomplishments!Janet calls her squares "practice" squares. With every block she does, she learns how to read a chart and figure out how everything comes together. We are thrilled with her block and her determination!! Great job, Janet!!
Shelby is just on a roll with her afghan! She is knitting full speed ahead, steadily chipping away at thirty or so blocks she will need to complete a queen sized afghan! Go, Shelby, go!!
She modified this block from a church to a little cottage and turn the sun into a moon. This only proves that even when the block is charted out for you, you still have the choice to knit what you WANT!!
This square was fun for her because it was worked in sections. You knit, picked up some, knit some more, picked up some........variety for the easily bored knitter!
One of my favorite squares!

Keep up the good work, ladies! So many talented people in our knitting family! It's a pleasure to see how far you have all come! Enjoy this beautiful day happy knitting and crocheting to all of you!!

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