Monday, April 19, 2010


Have you ever had one of those days when you think you have heard and seen it all? No matter how bizarre, how preposterous, or how absolutely kookookachoo a story is, you just aren't surprised? Well, yeah.......we actually had a customer come in and literally had each and everyone one of our jaws hit the ground........and they stayed on the ground for at least five minutes. Let me share that story with you.

Suzanne came in with a dilemma. When her father went to Ireland several years ago, he purchased a beautiful aran sweater to remind him of his trip. When he passed, Suzanne's sister kept the sweater, taking solace in the fact that she could always wear it whenever she wanted to reminisce about the wonderful times she had with her father.

With time, the sweater started to show a little bit of wear and tear and after a while she had to stop wearing the sweater because it had one large hole and several little holes. Because she doesn't knit, she put an ad in the paper, desperately searching for someone to repair the sweater. To try to make a long story a bit shorter, a woman responded, offered to fix the hole for fifty dollars, and returned the sweater to Suzanne's sister.

Here is the "repaired" sweater.

Hmmmmmm............even now, all I can say is hmmmmmmmmmmmm.........
When you manage to pick your jaw up, take a look at the close up shot. I'm that a GREY garter stitch patch on this GREEN sweater????? Seriously?!!

Needless to say, there were many, many tears and Suzanne couldn't bear to see her sister so distraught. So she promised her that she would find someone to fix the sweater, no matter what. Thankfully, Suzanne works with our good friend Karen Chartier and Karen knew exactly what to do! She took her to Woolworks, ensuring her that if it was something that could be fixed, we would fix it!

Paula and I carefully looked over the sweater and did what we could to rescue the beloved family heirloom. After the "surgery" and a good soak, we called Suzanne.
This time there were tears of joy!
THIS is what a repaired sweater looks like!!

We are elated that we were able to step in and right this terrible, terrible wrong! We are appalled that this even happened, but at least Suzanne's father's treasured sweater is good as new! We don't promise miracles, but we most definitely give it our best!

On that happy note, I bid you all a fabulous day of knitting and crocheting!

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Anonymous said...

Incredible. I saw this in person and was one who's jaw dropped to the floor. Jen and girls you did an amazing job