Thursday, April 22, 2010


New yarn always make us happy, and since you probably have the same addiction we have, we're pretty certain that new yarn makes you happy too!

New on our shelves is this luscious Plymouth Angora! Yes, finally, 100% angora! We have it in white, ecru, black, pink, and the baby blue is on back order, but it will be here shortly! You should come and let your creative fingers see how soft yarn can really be!

Sockatta has come out with the Limited Edition of their sock yarn! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

They have changed their look as well. These nicely wound skeins stay nice and neat as you knit with them!
I think this colorway would make an amazing pair of socks for that special man in your life.

Make sure you pick up the needles of your choice so that starting your project brings you nothing but pure joy!
We also have lovely bags, big and small for you to tote your wonderful treasures in.
Smaller totes for socks! Nice bright colors for the spring and upcoming summer days!
We also carry Lantern Moon Handcrafted double pointed needle carriers.
We hear over and over again how visually stunning these folded needle "bags" are.
The triangular bag stays firmly shut with a magnetized tab.....
Unfold once.........
Unfold a second time and safely store your needles! Maybe you should add this to your wish list??

We can't wait to see you! Join us tonight at our weekly knitting/crocheting circle and let the stress of the week just fade away! Great friends, great doesn't get any better than that!

A quote from one of our favorite knitters........

"The number one reason knitters knit is because they are so smart that they need knitting to make boring things interesting. Knitters are so compellingly clever that they simply cannot tolerate boredom."

-Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

Ain't that the truth!!

Happy Knitting and Crocheting, my friends!

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Cindy said...

Jenn, stop tempting me. I'm leaving to visit a friend in Wisconsin next Friday and the plan is for her and me to visit her favorite local yarn stores while I'm there so I'm saving my money for that trip. I've also promised her that the next time she comes to Connecticut, I'll take her to all MY favorite yarn stores too. Oh wait! I only have ONE yarn store. But it's Woolworks so who needs any others?