Monday, April 26, 2010


We have great news to share! Charlene (or Char, as we know her) has just been blessed with the arrival of her newest granddaughter! Lauren, the new auntie, shared the exciting news to everyone at our Thursday night gathering! We are so happy for the both of you! Congratulations!

Char was nice enough to share some of the pictures her daughter took of the items she has made for her bundle of joy. We want to show some of her gorgeous work.

A beautiful baby kimono.........
Char is known for her impeccable attention to detail!
She is also known for incredible lace work, and you can see why by just looking at her amazing lace baby blanket!
Theresa Mancini put a lot of love into this sailboat baby afghan while waiting for her new grandson to arrive.
The blue and white are the perfect combination for a baby boy. How sweet it is!
Paula quickly made up these super cute baby booties using our new angora. As expected, it was luscious to work with!
Heather Cavali was very happy with her finished mitered baby sweater I designed! She used Ellyn Cooper's yarn and we are not surprised that it worked out beautifully!
The little wooden heart buttons are just the right touch!

Beautiful work, ladies! Again, congratulations to Char and her entire family! We are very happy for you. We see big smiles and a lot of laughter in your future!

I leave you with this thought:

Laughter is life's best medicine. LAUGH!!!

Happy knitting and crocheting to all of you! Enjoy the rest of your evening!

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