Tuesday, March 9, 2010


The shop was buzzing with happy vibes all day yesterday. All of our customers just seemed to be in an extra good mood and many were ready to start new projects. Our friend Monica came in with her very talkative daughter to show us that she was now the right size to wear the dress that I had made for her.That face always makes us melt!!Even when she's scowling at me!Here I am trying to find her tickle spot....I FOUND it!!Here she is kissing her mommy through our window! It looks like I made this dress for the right baby! It looks great on her! Too cute!!

The ladies met last night to continue their quest to create their own great afghan. For an afghan that requires a considerable amount of concentration, they always look like they're having fun!

Our lively bunch settled in for a great night of knitting.
Bronwen is most definitely in her happy place! A close up of another one of Dottie's squares. She's flying through these......which is what makes her such a phenomenal teacher! (well, you know, other things make her phenomenal, but that's a much longer blog entry!)
Here's a close up of Shelby's gorgeous DNA square. Love, love, love this color!

Everyone is doing such a great job and that has a lot to do with their tenacity and determination! They refuse to let these blocks beat them! We're so proud of them. Keep up the good work!

So, I'm off to finish my taxes and enjoy the sunniness of the day. It's not as warm out as yesterday, but we'll take it! Happy knitting and crocheting!!

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Michelle said...

When Monica stops in the shop again be sure to send her my love! Her daughter is BEAUTIFUL! Just like her mommy!