Saturday, March 6, 2010


As people bustle down our busy Main Street here in Putnam, they look through the windows for the first indication that the seasons are turning. It seems like it's been a long drawn out winter and we have been anxiously waiting for the sun to come, not tomorrow!!

We have noticed a HUGE influx of new customers and we are so happy you've found us! We appreciate the positive feedback from all of you! It's makes us feel good to know that we are your home away from home, as Kim always says.

With the news of a fifty degree weekend in our future, I was motivated to bring spring to my store front.It's an interesting endeavor to mount the backdrop by oneself.....especially when the person who COULD be helping me is busy taking pictures of my struggle!!!

It's a work in progress, but the bright colors make everyone happy, so that's a step in the right direction!
This color just screams "SPRING IS HERE!"
This sweet dress has inspired many a knitter!
I designed this cute baby bathrobe because I figured even babies deserve to lounge around in comfort after a nice bath!!
A perfect adornment for a spring night.
A handsome little vest for a handsome little boy!

So, that's what one window looks like. The other side has become the cozy corner of the shop, especially on a day like today.
It's a fabulous place to knit, peruse through our magazines and books, and on occasion be a tad bit nosy and do some people watching (once you've made yourself a cup of coffee or tea from our back room, of course!)

I look forward to being able to nestle into the nook.
This is one of the favorite chairs. Once you sit in it, good luck getting back out! Knitting bliss.

We look forward to seeing all of your smiling faces this weekend. There is so much to smile about!! Happy knitting and crocheting, my friends!!

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Michelle said...

Jen, Do you think you will bring the fish back to the window this summer? I still have mine! It is hanging in my laundry room, I place I can often be found, and whenever I see him I think of y'all back in Putnam! Doing a great job with the blog! Looking forward to my next package! You rock!