Wednesday, March 17, 2010


If you were to drive by Woolworks at around 6:15 last night, you probably would have caught a glimpse of a happy group of knitters heading out the door to embark on their pysanka adventure. It was a perfect day for the ten minute drive to Nancy Shay's beautiful studio, and she greeted us with her usual smile and exuberance.

After the ten of us settled in, Nancy treated our eyes with a basket of her own hand designed pysanka.Basically the room exploded with oohs and ahs, which was quickly followed by an underlying worry that maybe we were completely out of league!! Nancy ensured us that she would walk us through every step of the way and that we had to trust our inner creativity.Nancy showing us our canvas.......the egg.
Heating up the kistka to load it up with beeswax.

Drawing the initial lines
And we're off!!
Applying last few layers of wax.
This is pretty much the look we all had......
Once we started melting the wax off our pysanka! You bet we were careful!!
Very delicate work.

A finished pysanka!!! Beautiful!

Thank you so much, Nancy for inviting us into your studio and teaching us this amazing art form! It was a wonderful way to spend the evening and we look forward to doing more of this! Thank you again!! We will be posting more pictures of finished pysanka as the week progresses!

Happy knitting and crocheting and egg dying to all of you!

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fordybrook said...

They are beautiful! So sorry I had to miss it - kids come 1st sometimes. They really are beautiful.