Thursday, March 18, 2010


The challenge to turn our UFO's into Finished Objects has been taken pretty seriously by many of our knitting family. We have had the pleasure of seeing many wonderful creations come to fruition in the last few weeks. And as we put the finishing touches on our upcoming class list (which will be posted tomorrow), we couldn't think of a better time to get those occupied knitting needles and crochet hooks free so that they can be busily working on something new!

Take a peek at some of the lovely things our friends have shared.

Lauren LeBlanc had attempted a felted bag some time ago and she hated the process. Because she's persistent, she tried again and came up with this beautiful bag! Now she wants to make another one, although she insists that a size 12 needle would be better! If only they made a size 12 needle!
Jeannette Bibek has a special baby in mind to give her fabulous double sided crocheted afghan to. The colors bring thoughts of spring and Easter and joy! Her granddaughter is a lucky baby to have such a talented Memere!
Beauty up close
Jeannette also whipped up this cutie patootie hat for her friend's grandson. See!! Knitters and crocheters give thoughtful gifts to EVERYBODY!!

Splendid job, Lauren and Jeannette!! What's next, I wonder??

So, make sure to check in tomorrow for the upcoming classes for April! Have a wonderful day! We're supposed to have record breaking temperatures today and I think we deserve it! Enjoy! Happy knitting and crocheting to you all!

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