Friday, March 19, 2010


As promised we have a fun class list lined up for anyone who's ready for the lighter side of knitting! All of these projects are the perfect size to fit in a downsized version of your knitting bag, so you can tote it to baseball games, upcoming camping know, anywhere you feel like knitting!

Tunisian Crochet is making a strong comeback and Tasha designed a very springy collar (reminiscent of the Flower Scarf which was featured a few weeks ago) to give everyone a quick way to get started. You can make it wider or thinner, depending on your personal preference.

A graceful butterfly button perches on the crocheted flower.

Tunisian Crochet, which is also known as the Afghan Stitch creates a very tight, grid-like motif and proves to be versatile, as we will demonstrate in the upcoming months.

The Hat Heel sock is in the house!! This sock takes the self striping yarn to a whole new level because it's worked from the heel OUT!!

Here's the blinged out version of the Hat Heel sock.

The heel.......looks like a little hat, doesn't it?The right side gusset.

The Knitting Traditions Magazine was a huge hit. We were all drawn to the wonderful articles and the historical patterns that jumped from every page. These beaded cuffs are very popular with our knitting popular in fact, we're running two classes.
This is an example of what the traditional cuff looks like using Ellyn Coopers fab colors.

And don't forget Sue's Two at a Time Socks........from the top down, this time!! We will never let you get bored with making socks EVER!

Here is our friend Christian with his new Tamoshanter! He came in the other night and asked me to make one for him. He was very specific......he wanted a black tamoshanter with a white Pompon! And that's what he got!
He looks really handsome with his new hat

So, my friends, we can't wait to see you at our table! Happy Knitting and Crocheting!


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