Saturday, March 27, 2010


Sunday is here and hopefully all of you are relaxing and getting yourselves mentally prepared for another week. We believe that if there is a day to be lazy, Sunday is probably the best day!

We have a few finished projects that we want to show off to you. After all, being lazy on a Sunday doesn't mean we can't show and tell!!

Paula, who never lets me take pictures of her allowed me to drape her beautiful seventy inch lace scarf around her talented neck......and snap this picture.....very quickly!

She used Jojoland Cashmere and it works up beautifully!!BFeast your eyes on the detail work!Sheri Kroll's daughter is a HUGE Harry Potter fan. To add to the frenzy, her Sheri's mother made up these very authentic looking Harry Potter socks for her granddaughter's upcoming birthday! There is no doubt in our minds that there will be a happy, smiley birthday girl once she opens up this package!

Christine came in to show us her newly finished sweater! This gorgeous top was in Chris' UFO pile for quite some time, and she finally decided it was time to finish it up!
We are very glad she did! Awesome job, Christine!

We're proud of all of your accomplishments, everyone! Keep up the good work! Happy knitting and crocheting, my friends, and enjoy your Sunday!

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