Friday, February 5, 2010


Meeting with reps can sometimes be a mind boggling experience, especially when you know there are a million different things you want to have for your very own. Knowing when to draw the line is the hard part. Ugh! However, today I had the greatest time meeting with the designer extraordinaire Ellyn Cooper and we spent a few hours happily traipsing through her fabulous collection! All I have to say is be prepared to drool because we ordered some beautiful yarn! And if that wasn't enough, Ellyn has patterns to support her unique hand dyes, so all you have to do is knit! Can't go wrong with that!
Me and Ellyn
The Yummy Colors!!
Me totally LOVING this Jewels Shrug!! Did I say TOTALLY?!!

Yarn buddies!

Of course we have classes lined up for our new arrivals. We are busily knitting away so you can see the beautiful results up close and personal. Ellyn is having a trunk show here in a few weeks so that will be a perfect opportunity for you to see how great her creative mind really is. Thanks Ellyn for such a great day! We can't wait to see you again!

And just a reminder: SUPER BOWL SUNDAY SALE!! It's this Sunday! Yay!! See you then!

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