Saturday, February 13, 2010


We have a seen an incredible boom in new knitters. People have discovered that knitting is a wonderful way to be creative and relieve stress at the same time. It is always exciting to see the look of awe in a new knitter's eyes when the first few rows have successfully been constructed. And the addiction commences.

Because life gets busy, many times our newbies are tentative in moving on to learning how to purl, and eventually they start to doubt their skills as knitters. These are the moments where you hear discouraging statements such as, "I can't do anything but knit" and "All I'm ever going to make is scarves." Well we say, knitting is a beautiful thing, whether you're knitting or purling, and scarves are fabulous and very useful.

But just to show you that garter stitch can be versatile, here are a few examples of things you can make.
This is Bob Blankie. Using only garter stitch and braiding the fringe as you go, this is a fun and colorful little project to knit while you're watching the Winter Olympics.

Here is Elizabeth Zimmerman's Bog Jacket. By just embellishing the edges with a simple crocheted border and adding the cute flower buttons, this easy jacket becomes the perfect gift for any little girl. (Obviously you can change the colors and then have the perfect gift for a little boy!)

Shelby Colwell models this earthy scarf. It's made with Silky Flamme and it is lusciously soft.....and it's all garter.

And this quick and easy triangular shawl is dressed up instantly with this shawl pin.

So, I rest my case! If you can knit, you can make wonderful things. We invite you to sit with us and do just that! Happy Knitting.

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