Tuesday, February 23, 2010


You probably think I'm talking about the barrage of yarn we got slammed with yesterday. Oddly enough, we're not! I want to share the beautiful little animals that our fantastically talented knitters lovingly created. I know you will enjoy them as much as we do here at the shop.

This is Brenda Frechette's (or Brender, as we call her) Lily Monkey. She used Noro and Lily looks pretty darned pleased with herself.

Showing the world that knitting can be a lovely pastime for couples, Brenda's husband Don knit up this delightfully adorable penguin couple. LOVE THEM!!
Christine's little guy looks like he's not quite sure he wanted an alligator lazily draping around his neck, but he still looks quite handsome!
But his sister obviously has no problem hanging out with her "purrrrfect" kitty scarf. And as a side note: Look out Tyra Banks. This cutie looks like she's about to take over your runway!

Our friend Gail makes these amazing dragons. Ummm yeah, they're kind of cute, right?

Yes, I am nuzzling the dragon! You would too!
Look at that face!

And the detail on her back is incredible.

Here is her friend and lo and behold....she's cute too!!Hey, she has to show off her beautiful back too!!And their majestic tails can't go unmentioned!
Supposedly Gail is trying to make her dragons look more ferocious......Hmmmm...I don't think it's working.

I would kiss this frog any day. And if he didn't turn into a prince, oh well. He's cute enough just the way he is.
Mother Goose is the sweetest little thing. I just want to curl up and read some nursery rhymes.
And we just thought this picture was so endearing and funny, I had to make it our final picture. Blueberry Monkey has her back to the wall and has no where to go and the cat looks quite content with this predicament!

Keep up the great work, you guys! I am in awe of your talents and creativity. For all our sakes, I'm hoping the snow stays away. Just keep remind yourselves that spring is right around the corner. On that note, inventory, here I come!!

Happy Knitting and Crocheting!!


Rosellen said...

I love the frog, is there a pattern for it and where can I find it, thanks

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