Monday, February 15, 2010


Interweave has done it again. For the last week we have been thumbing through the pages of their latest magazine Knitting Traditions and it is definitely a work of art. I actually doubled the order because I knew that it was going to be an instant seller. Even if you never actually knit anything out of it, it makes a wonderful keepsake.

OK, that's crazy talk! Of course you are going to knit things out of it and just to ensure that you do, we will be offering classes for many of the projects in the magazine beginning in April. Here is a list of what we have in store for you:


Pictures will be posted shortly. We would prefer to knit them rather than show you pictures from the magazine. It keeps us on our toes!

Just to remind you, if for any reason you are stuck with a project or have a problem that is boggling your mind, please come to the shop before doing anything trying to set your afghan on fire.

Our good friend Ida Berris dropped in to get a little help with her socks. She was so impressed with the help Dottie gave her, she wrote her a little poem right on the spot:

Dottie Dear

Dottie Dear, I need a fix.
Could you perform your magic trick?
I know you can, but would you please
Pick up the stitch I dropped with ease?
I made a mess, I do confess.
This stitch should be just more or less
An easy task for one like you,
But I messed up. It is so true
That messes are a lot like glue.
They stick to me and not to you!

Ida Berris

The author!

The socks that needed Dottie's healing hands!!

Our customers are talented in so many ways, aren't they? Well, I've got to run! We have lots of knitting to do! Have a wonderful day!

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