Friday, February 19, 2010


Yesterday was soooo extremely hectic that this blog is going to have to be written in two parts! I wouldn't want to overwhelm you with what would surely be a dissertation by the time I was done writing it! Needless to say, Thursday was pretty much a yarn party from the time the doors opened at ten till I forgot to lock them at eleven.........Yes.....I actually left my KEYS in the UNLOCKED door of my shop when I left for home last night.

This is most definitely NOT what a shop owner wants to see when she gets to her shop in the morning!!! Thank God they were still there when I got here this morning and everything was as it should be.

So this is what my wonderful store looks like now when you walk in from the howling wind:

Do you notice anything different?How about now?? No?
Yup!!! Ellyn Cooper's trunk show is here and it is a curtain of scrumptious yumminess!
Here's the second side.......

And here's the third side!!

We are so thrilled that she was able to display her beautiful wares here at Woolworks. And to be honest with you, with all the yarn we already have, I was amazed that we had the perfect spot for her to show off her stuff! You are amazing, Ellyn!

Here she is creating the "Wall of Ellyn".

She also brought her book of patterns, so there are many beautiful garments and accessories on display to help you decide what you want to make with her gorgeous hand dyes.
Here are a few examples......

So, yeah.....she makes buttons too!

Ellyn will be here at Woolworks tomorrow and Saturday, February 27th. You should all come down and meet her! She is absolutely fabulous!

Check in for "LET THE YARN WHIRLWIND BEGIN, PART II" tomorrow! Happy knitting and crocheting!


Anonymous said...

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Imaworkinprogress said...

Good Lord what a week you're having! Glad the keys worked out! That could have been awful!

Can't wait to come in...actually I guess I'll have to wait till next week because we're going to "game day" at my brothers for 1! :) :(

Miss you and can't wait to see Ellen's stuff. Hope there's some left when I get there!