Wednesday, February 17, 2010


As usual it's limbo time in Connecticut. One day the sun is blazing to beat the band.....and then it snows! Well, that's what we get for living in New England!! But instead of getting down about it and wallowing in the winter blues, our customers have turned it around and made themselves some very fashionable accessories to help them get through many of the blustery days.
Sharon Guyan shows her skills by knitting this beautiful lace beret.
The fact that she let me take her picture is a wonder in itself.......

But here she is!! Nice job, Sharon!!

Here is Laura (who was taught to knit by Tasha a MONTH ago) wearing the fruits of her labor.
She made her hat first to fit her cute little peanut head using Lamb's Pride........and yes, we actually do call her our little peanut head......Then she moved on to these really cool fingerless mittens.........
And here is her ensemble sharing the limelight. It's really not fair that she's this cute, is it?!

Anyone interested in touching some new yarn? Well, I hope so because we're having a yarn tasting tomorrow night with Susan from A Touch Of Fiber. The fun begins at 6:30 and goes until 9:00. Of course we will have a bit of food and some wine.......just to make the yarn taste better!! We hope to see you there!!

We are so proud of the progress our knitting family is making. They come, they see, and they CONQUER! So come on in today and turn your winter blues into winter joys! Happy Knitting!!

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