Sunday, February 21, 2010


I know, I know, I said part two of this series would come out yesterday, but things got a little hectic! If that excuse doesn't work, we can just say I'm slacking off and call it a day!! But I'm back and I can finally give you a peek into the fun we had at the yarn tasting on Thursday night. Here is Susan from A Touch of Fiber wearing what she calls the "Mother Teresa Hat". Susan features yarns made with yak fibers which are blended with other fabulous fibers, like alpaca.Christine is happily modeling this very cute, very inspired Renaissance Hat. Tasha couldn't resist trying on this poncho. It was comfortable and looked very stylish. Here's the poncho from the back.This Three Tiered Hat had Laura's name all over it! Its layers and interesting textures match her spunky, quirky, and FUN personality!

Ellyn agreed to let the Rainy Desert Hat chill out on her head for a little bit.Look how sweet the Brim and Button is on her head......Of course it helps that she looks really great in hats!!And Laura's showing us that Mother Teresa could look sweet AND hip!

We had such a great time meeting Susan, knitting with all the new yarn and trying on the cool accessories Susan shared with us. We plan on doing it again soon and of course you are all invited to join us!

Well, the shop's open, a toe-up sock class is in session! Our Sunday is now in full swing! Enjoy your day, everyone and happy knitting and crocheting!!

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